Jennifer Lopez and Shakira's Super Bowl Halftime Show Scored Major Emmy Nominations | 22 Words

Back in February, this year's widely-anticipated half-time show featuring J-Lo and Shakira really got people talking - for better or for worse.

Now, it seems the performance could be in for an extremely impressive accolade...

The hotly anticipated Emmy nominations have landed.

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And it looks like fans of this year's Superbowl halftime show are going to have some strong reactions.

Cast your mind back to February...

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We know, it feels like centuries ago now. Well, we're sure you know that Shakira and JLo took on this year's Superbowl halftime show - marking the first time the music icons have performed on stage together.

Both stars offered their thoughts on taking to the stage together.

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"Ever since I saw Diana Ross fly off into the sky at the halftime show, I dreamed of performing at the Super Bowl," Jennifer Lopez said. "And now it's made even more special not only because it's the NFL's 100th season, but also because I am performing with a fellow Latina. I can't wait to show what us girls can do on the world's biggest stage."

And their performance got everyone talking.

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Anticipation was sky high and after taking to the stage, let's just say Twitter had a lot to say about it!

On singing along.

Some tunes are basically irresistible, right?

On revenge.

She really showed them!

On Easter.

We second that motion.

On fitness.

We're not jealous - you are.

On Latinx pride.

2 absolute icons.

On that tongue thing.

One of the greatest mysteries of our time.

On She Wolf.

Truly, a banger.

On Pitbull.

Not everyone can keep up!

On comparisons.

This is actually kinda spooky.

On pride.

Truly representing in the best possible way.

On bar bathrooms.

Honestly, it's a blessing this isn't recorded.

On Hustlers.

Might as well use what you've got!

On what we all came for.

Sports? I don't know her.

On athleticism.

We know who we're impressed by.

On poles.

She's skilled, you've got to give her that.

On excitement.

Long may this continue!

On fan service.

We love her for it.

On opening strong.

Start as you mean to go on.

On style icons.

We see no difference.

On Puerto Rico.

We love this move.

On iconic images.

This one will surely go down in history.

On aging.

These 2 are totally inspirational.

On making a statement.

This was a truly iconic moment.


She did it - there's no denying it.

On priorities.

We all know what we were watching for.

On 2020.

Could this be the first bit of good news?

On memorials.

This would be a perfect one!

In the 5 months since the pair took to the stage...

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The dust has somewhat settled... there's been a pandemic, after all.

But, fans were shocked when the long-awaited Emmy nominations dropped this week.

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Why? Because the halftime show scored some major nominations for the lucrative award.

FOX's Super Bowl LIV Halftime: Show Starring Jennifer Lopez and Shakira received some major recognition.

Including  Outstanding Variety Special (Live), Directing For A Variety Special, Lighting Design/Lighting Direction For a Variety Special, and Music Direction.

Shakira took to Instagram to celebrate the nomination shortly after the announcement...

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"I just heard from @JLo that we have four #Emmys nominations for the Super Bowl LIV HT show! That’s amazing. Thank you @TelevisionAcad and everyone who made this possible."

JLo also took to Instagram to react to the news.

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Safe to say, she's certainly excited.

And if you want a reminder of that performance, check it out below:

The annual Primetime Emmy Awards will air on September 21, 2020. Congrats, JLo and Shakira! For more like this, scroll on to read more on why JLo has been put on blast by fans after posting a "tasteless" throwback video...