Jennifer Lopez has Reunion With Ex P. Diddy During Isolation Two Decades After Dating | 22 Words

Many of us have been getting creative when it comes to keeping ourselves occupied while self-isolating. And it seems that JLo has used her time to reunite with her ex, P. Diddy nearly 2 decades after they dated...

But it's the reaction from JLo's fiancé, Alex Rodriguez, that's got everyone talking. Keep scrolling to watch the clip.

You can't get more iconic than Jennifer Lopez.

Anyone who is anyone knows of JLo.

Her career was launched in the film industry...

JLo began her career as an actress starring in many blockbuster hits such as Maid in Manhattan and Monster-In-Law, and she even guest-starred in 2 episodes of Will & Grace.

Though she is a woman of many talents.

JLo has also released a number of big hits, some of which had major success on the pop and dance charts.

The star also hits the headlines for her love life.

The star is currently engaged to Alex Rodriguez, and while self-isolating, she had a reunion with ex, Sean 'Diddy' Combs. Keep scrolling for the clip.

JLo and Alex Rodriguez went public in 2017.

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The loved up pair were both cautious about who they dated publicly and kept their relationship under wraps for some time. Speaking in the April of 2017 on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Rodriguez talked about how the pair hooked up.

JLo's a woman that gets what she wants.

Rodriguez told Ellen that, upon encountering the star: "We basically had a small chit-chat... and she says, 'You have my number, reach out.' And I went home that night and reached out." They make it seem so easy!

Rodriguez and Lopez had known each other for some time...

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Way back when, in 2005, Lopez attended a New York Yankees game with her then-husband, Marc Anthony.

They were like ships passing at night.

In an adorable throwback shared by Rodriguez on Instagram earlier this year, he proved he'd had his eyes on JLo for a long while. Almost twenty years ago, a much younger Rodriquez asked JLo for her autograph. Life can indeed be funny, Alex.

Would you look at them now!

After their whirlwind romance, the pair quickly settled into each other's lives. I mean, matching PJs, come on...

Both JLo and Rodriquez have children from previous marriages.

This modern family certainly seems to be tight-knit. Jennifer Lopez has twins, Maximilian “Max" David, and Emme Maribe, from her previous marriage to Marc Anthony. Rodriguez has daughters Ella Alexander, eleven and Natasha Alexander, fourteen, from his previous marriage to a lady called Cynthia Scurtis.

It seems as if all of the kids are totally down for this romance.

There appears to be no animosity from either side, and the 2 families have fused into one big happy family.

I mean, who wouldn't want JLo as their step-mom?

Frankly, I think the success of this modern family is that both parties have dived in and invested in each other's children's lives.

Celebrating success with the whole family.

As this Instagram post by Rodriquez reveals, this family is a unit. When celebrating Alex's daughter, Natasha's, graduation as a Freshman, the whole family was present. It seems as though JLo and Rodriquez's ex, Cynthia, get along just fine.

The couple aren't the only ones with matching PJs...

In a sweet post on JLo's Instagram, she shared a shot of Rodriguez and her son, Max, donning matching pajama bottoms. Daddy cool, eh?

Family is really important to both JLo and Alex Rodriguez.

What first attracted JLo to the baseball star was his evident family values. Turning fifty-years-old this year, JLo was no longer interested in dating boys. The Hustlers star wanted to date a real man, someone to raise a family with.

Rodriguez's daughters are his world.

When planning the big day, both JLo and Alex Rodriguez wanted to ensure their children were involved and the day was as much about them all being a family as it was the pair getting hitched.

JLo has certainly bagged Mr. Suave.

Not that Rodriguez - also known as A-Rod - has always had his life so together. The former baseball player turned sports presenter has had a rocky road to salvation. His first marriage to Cynthia ended in a messy divorce, with accusations that Rodriguez had extramarital affairs and had "emotionally abandoned" his wife and children. There were even rumors he had cheated on his wife with Madonna!

But over the weekend, it seems JLo has had an unlikely reunion...

The star shocked fans by joining her ex, P. Diddy on his Instagram live.

The pair dated nearly 2 decades ago.

They ended their relationship back in 2001.

JLo and A-Rod made a surprise cameo on Diddy's virtual dance-a-thon, which aimed to raise funds for the pandemic relief efforts.

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The trio busted some moves, with Rodriguez stepping back at one point to allow Diddy and JLo some screen time on their own.

But it was what JLo had to say about Rodriguez that really got people talking.

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During the stream, JLo revealed that Rodriguez is Diddy's "biggest fan."

And that wasn't all...

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According to JLo, the former pro baseball player always asks her to play her ex's songs.

So, as part of the dance section of the live stream...

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Diddy played some tracks of his own featuring the rapper Mase - as per Rodriguez's request.

Looks like there's no bad blood here.

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At the end of the stream, Diddy bid farewell to his ex and also expressed his love for her soon-to-be husband. "Hey, I love you guys. I can’t wait until we can see each other again. May God bless y’all, and I just love you guys!" "Love you, buddy," replied Rodriguez. "We love you," Jlo said.

You can watch the full clip below:

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