Jennifer Lopez’s New Haircut Will Convince You to Cut Yours Short

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Sometimes, when you feel like you need a change in your life, getting your hair cut can make all the difference. I, for one, am all for changing up your style. It just adds that extra little bit of “wow” that you need to keep things fresh.

And no one rocks a new hairdo better than the queen of looking amazing, Jennifer Lopez. Keep reading to see the latest pictures of her rocking her new, short cut as well as an extra confidence boost to encourage you to cut your own hair to match Lopez’s… if you’re feeling extra brave.

The best way to think about doing something so risky is to not think at all and just go straight into it! I mean, what do you really have to lose?

Nothing screams “new me” better than a new ‘do, right? If you’re sporting long locks, do yourself a favor and chop them right off. The best way to feel free of the boring aspects of your life is to let them go!

With all the free time, you could change your look further by adding a pop of color to your eyes or squeezing yourself into that dress that you think is “too much” to wear out.

According to Cosmopolitan, there should be nothing stopping you from experimenting with your hair.

I’m really not trying to attack the hairstyle that you have now, but, I’m sorry to tell you, the longer your hair, the stringier and flatter it looks. It’s not ideal, is it? So chop off those split ends and give your roots some well deserved TLC.

Sometimes, it can get super boring if you’re stuck sporting the same look every day. You’re more likely to throw your hair into that same old messy bun just because that’s how you always wear it. When you’ve got a new look, you’re more likely to try out new styles that might work better for you. It sounds like a win-win to me.

It’s your hair and you can do whatever you want with it. And, who knows? You might give your friends or your partner a little surprise with your new look.

2. You’ll still look and feel sexy.

I promise you, long hair isn’t the only thing that makes a person look sexy. I mean, come on, it’s 2019! We know that sexy comes in all shapes and styles. Short hair is sexy. It’s mysterious and makes a powerful statement.

I had to put this one at number one because, for some people, this sort of decision seems like a permanent one. I’m here to remind you that it’s not. In fact, cutting your hair can actually promote its growth because you’re getting rid of the dead ends. Sounds ideal, right?

J-Lo has been nothing short of adventurous with her hairstyles over the years. That woman isn’t afraid of anything, least of all a short cut!

Her long, honey-colored hair is one of her best looks, if I do say so myself.

Truly iconic.

And so do we!

I mean, Margot Robbie has had short hair.

And she looks incredible. That’s right! J-Lo doesn’t look good with short hair just because she’s J-Lo. J-Lo looks good with short hair because short hair’s beautiful.

You just have to wear it with confidence.

Doesn’t it just make you want to cut and curl your own hair?

Fresh and fierce, Lopez is always killing the scene, even with a bold, new style.

And she was seen sporting this look on the red carpet of Hustlers.

Lopez, along with the rest of her co-stars, were strutting the red carpet all dressed up. J-Lo’s blonde, short hair was part of the look, complimenting her outfit perfectly.

Confidence is the best feeling.

A short style might not be for everybody, so if you’re not brave enough to take the plunge now, we have something for you, too! We’ve compiled a list of fifteen simple, but gorgeous, hairstyles for anyone with long hair! Check them out!