Jeremy Clarkson Accuses Meghan Markle of Farting | 22 Words

In the debut of his new TV show, Jeremy Clarkson wasted no time in roasting Meghan Markle...

By accusing her of farting during her tell-all Oprah interview.


I know, just when you thought 2021's headlines couldn't get any more ridiculous.

Here's the full story...

Now, opinions on Clarkson's new show, It's Clarkson On TV, are in...


And, let's just say, they're nothing to be showing off about.

People were not impressed with the debut episode of the controversial host's new TV venture, wherein he unpicked popular TV events, "with an eye for detail and a rogue sense of humour."

And, among all the topics touched upon in the episode...


Clarkson just couldn't resist discussing Meghan Markle's explosive interview with Oprah, which aired at the start of last month - in fact, he launched straight into it in his opening sequence.

Though, considering Clarkson's track record on the topic of Meghan Markle, some people weren't too surprised by it.


Shortly after Meghan and Harry's interview aired, Clarkson was quick to express his distaste for the couple and their decision to step back from the monarchy.

Writing in a column for The Sun, the former Top Gear frontman branded all those who believed Meghan's claims as "young and stupid"...


Before pointing out that if the British monarchy could survive beheadings, affairs, and the Prince Andrew scandal, it will certainly survive "the banal musings of a silly little cable TV actress."

His rant continued:


"But even if she rears back at us... It won't be for long because this is a woman who, so far, has reportedly fallen out with her father, her sister, her ex, her brother-in-law, her sister-in-law, her mother-in-law, and, probably everyone in the entire world with an IQ of more than 32."

So, of course, Clarkson simply couldn't resist roasting Meghan once again in his new TV show...


In the opening sequence. Of course.

Discussing a segment from the interview, Clarkson said:


"Meghan Markle was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey... There was a moment where Meghan Markle seemed to - how can I put this politely - break wind."

After a fake laughter track was played, the clip in question was shown...


Where a noise made by Oprah could maybe be mistaken for an incriminating fart.

Clarkson continued:


"Sorry can we just hear that again because it really does sound like Piers Morgan had a point, her pants really were on fire!"

The clip was replayed, as was the fake laughter track, before Clarkson noted:


"Now I've had a note here from the legal department at ITV. They want it to be made plain that that was not a fart, I have no idea how they know that... But they want it to be made clear that the fart noise came out of Oprah's mouth."

You can watch the somewhat awkward moment for yourself below.

What do you think? Should Clarkson take a step back, or is it harmless comedy?