Honestly, what is the matter with people? All too often, when we're out eating at a restaurant or waiting out in line at Target or selling our art online, we run into true monsters — the rude people who think it's okay to be mean to those in service because they're "below" them.

But sometimes, the aggrieved parties realize that they're in control; that they set the terms; that they dictate the price these jerks have to pay. And one way for customer service professionals to strike back is to apply the "jerk tax" — in other words, maybe they were willing to give that customer a discount... before they were a jerk. Maybe they would've filled that customer in on a way they could have saved money... before they were a jerk. Maybe they were willing to just give their services away for free to that customer... until they were a jerk.

Here are a number of deeply satisfying stories about people who levied a jerk tax against their worst customers. Get ready to revel in some well-deserved schadenfreude.

Congratulations — you played yourself.

When I worked at HyVee, a guy brought up the biggest damn zucchini I'd ever seen. Rang it up as a cucumber for 88 cents each. "Are you a f-ing idiot?! That's a zucchini you f-ing moron!" Apologize and switch it to a zucchini, which are by the pound, coming out to $7.42. - reed_foster

Go Gators!

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FSU tailgate tonight I saw a girl drop two tickets. I got her attention and she rudely said she had a boyfriend. Guess whose seats I'm in. - FrostyFro

That sounds like a real thing they do at Jamba Juice all the time and not just out of spite this once.

This lady at Jamba Juice just cut me in line and the worker saw so when it was my time to order he goes "CONGRATS you were the 18th customer today! You get a free drink of choice!" Omg... her face. - DylanThompson06

Be aware of who else is in the restaurant if you want to be a terror.

I work at a famous chicken chain that is known for our politeness. At my store we offer free meals to police officers in uniform who eat in the restaurant. My coworker greeted this customer and asked for his order. He promptly showed what an ass he was by berating her for having to wait in line for all of two minutes. He did it so loudly that three officers eating lunch heard him. He used very foul language and took four minutes to do so before placing his order. Strike one for him. He next showed his ass by camping out in a booth and making a mess that I only expect from large families with multiple small children. This included throwing his trash on the floor in plain view of the officers. Strike two. He then went to his car and started throwing what seemed like an ocean of old fast food wrappers and cigarette buts out of his car into the parking lot. This was strike three for him as this was littering. All three officers went out and made him clean up his mess and wrote him a ticket. Where I live littering carries a $500 fine and if he contested it the judge could tack on up to 60 hours of community service. So this guy ended up paying $508 for his lunch. - who-i-am69

Running an Etsy shop has to be exhausting.

KNITTING HOURLY RATES: $20/hr: Minimum $30/hr: If it requires black yarn $40/hr: If you need it by tomorrow $50/hr: If there is no pattern $80/hr: If the example photo is actually crochet $100/hr: If you "think you can get it cheaper somewhere else" - noobrektxd

It's a small price to pay to be terrible.

A sign hung up at a seafood restaurant: If you are grouchy, irritable, or just plain mean, there will be a $10 charge for putting up with you. - prentipalooza

"No no no, that food belongs in the TRASH."

I provide a service at special events. Our contract says that if we stay overnight, we can charge $50 per diem for food, unless the client provides three square meals a day. I don't frequently charge the $50 per day because most clients have some sort of post-event catered food. Then I grab a snack on the way home at a grocery store. Not a big deal. This weekend, I was working with a Real Gem of a Human Being™ who was petty, rude, and nitpicking my work. I was truly proud of how it'd gone - it'd been nearly perfect and people were saying so, except for the client. After the event, people were leaving and it was clear they'd ordered too much food. I went to grab a plate and help myself to the catered meal for over two hundred people. Technically I should've asked, but it's common in our industry for that food to be up for grabs at that point. The client stopped me and informed me that food was for "her staff only" - when there were less than ten people left. Really? You've got tens of trays of food left over, and you'd rather throw it away than let me have a plate? Fine. I'll just buy food on the way home. But since I supplied all my own meals AND stayed two nights - that's 2x $50 per diem. A $100 jerk tax that you would've avoided with a single plate of food that you already paid for. - persondude27

Then go buy it online?

A sign hanging in an auto parts store: 100 dollar surcharge will be applied to any customer that mentions how they can find parts cheaper online. - Rayquazas_prophet

What could possibly be more important than my phone?

My dad who works in a hospital in suburban area often treats patients that are farmers. A guy came to his hospital to check on his mother. When the patient fell asleep, the guy ended up playing on his phone. Now the hospital is used to visitors plugging their appliances everywhere so they have very clear warning signs in the rooms saying simply those outlets are keeping people alive, don't charge your phone with them. The guy complied, but his phone is still dying. Genius as he is, he walked out of the room to look for outlets in the hallway. There wasn't any, but he found a vending machine. So he UNPLUGGED that vending machine and started charging his phone. When he's done, he just left them there. The vending machine stored fresh packaged food. The cleaning crew was pretty confused upon finding out all the food is spoiled, and that the machine is somehow unplugged. The supplier didn't want to stomach the cost and called the police to check security cam, and there he is, playing Texas take'em on his phone, attached to a cable leading to the power outlet. He ended up paying a hundred dollars worth of damages, and to think he could've just asked my dad. The charger in his office is free and works just fine. - KGB_cutony

Sometimes you just gotta let that rage out on an unsuspecting and undeserving person.

I was working the registers at my job and ringing up a customer for a $450 desk. At the time we had a 40 percent off all furniture sale going on for members. I was about to tell him about the sale but my coworker who brought his furniture up shook his head and I stayed quiet letting him pay $450 instead of $270. As he was paying he started telling me how much he hates our store and how our machines ask too many questions and it’s my fault his credit card wouldn’t run as debit and just being a giant jerk. I hand him his receipt and he looks at it and then me and walks away so I give it to my coworker who’s going to load the desk in his car. Before the customer makes it to the door he turns around and says “REALLY? You’re not even gonna tell me to have a nice f-ing day? Nice manners you have, where is your manager you’re a b----." and just chewing me out for literally no reason and had to be physically removed from the store. Anyway my coworker was right to tell me to not give him a 40 percent discount on his $450 purchase and being a jerk cost him $180 that day. - iaendn

You've over-played your hand here.

A teenage girl (18-years-old, senior in high school) tried parking next to me and ended up hitting my car. The mom showed up a few minutes later and asked me not to get insurance involved because her daughter had just gotten a driver's license a short while ago. I told my father-in-law what happened in the parking lot earlier. He told me I needed to get insurance involved. "You don't know this lady. She could easily deny everything," he said. After the ceremony, I called my own insurance and told them what happened. I went to a body shop and got a quote. I texted the mom about this and she got very angry with me, saying that I'm not a "man of [my] word" because I contacted my insurance instead of giving her time to pay for the damages out of pocket. The mom began claiming that she had control of the situation. It was her right to get the work done through a body shop of her choice. I knew that wasn't true, but I decided to contact my insurance agent and find out if I'm missing something. Nope. She was wrong. She wanted the job done at a specific body shop. It turned out that the body shop was owned by a relative of hers. FWIW, the reason you don't see me mention this in the text exchange is because I found this out days later after Googling her name and finding out she was related to the owner of the body shop she requested I go to. Check mate. I decided to go through insurance. Lil' ol' mommy wouldn't answer her phone, but her insurance agreed to get the job done because I had all the evidence a person would need and then some. Her insurance cut me a check. I ended up pocketing the extra cash and got the damage repaired on cash. Sure, it was only a $200 profit, but I figured I still got something out of it. She screwed herself over by deciding she'd decide when, where and how I'd get the damage covered. - Starved-Nutritionist

The real victims here are the 12 people who would've gotten those business cards.

I work at a print shop where business cards are produced in a way that happens to leave the customers with a few extra cards in their orders. The cards are boxed in small, business card-sized boxes, but because different cards are printed on different paper stocks with varying thicknesses, not all stacks of, say, 500 cards take up the same amount of space in a 500-count box. A customer came in to pick up her order of business cards. She opened the box to inspect them and noticed that there was extra space in the box. She quickly concluded that we must be trying to rip her off. My coworker who was taking the payment attempted to explain that all the cards were there and the box just wasn't a perfect fit, but the customer insisted that my coworker count the cards in front of her. So my coworker suppressed a sigh, counted the cards one by one and found that there were 520 cards. She apologized for the 'error' and removed the extra 20. Speechless, the customer paid for her cards and left. - strangedaysind33d

Always buy your cookies in bulk! That's econ 101!

I'm a cashier at Panera. This lady comes in and asks for some cookies. ME: Sure what kind? LADY: I want three chocolate chip, three candy, and three lemon. ME: Would you like to make those four pac... LADY: NO I DON'T WANT ANYTHING ELSE! Do you not know how to ring in cookies? ME: Okay, sorry about that. If she would have let me finish, she would have known we sell cookies by the 1 or by the 4. A four pack of cookies is $0.65 CHEAPER than three individual cookies. So she paid $1.95 more for less cookies. Hope she dropped them. - littlewolf3

He would've saved money by just getting a taco from Taco Bell.

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A man walked into a Circle-K, put a $20 bill on the counter, and asked for change. When the clerk opened the cash drawer, the man pulled a gun and asked for all the cash in the register, which the clerk promptly provided. The man took the cash and fled, leaving the $20 bill on the counter. The total amount he got from the drawer... $15. - DerpyUncleSteve

The real victory is using an expired coupon.

I work nights at a hotel. Back then, the manager would place ads with coupons advertising rooms at a discount. These coupons clearly said not valid on weekends or holidays and had expiration dates. I would regularly have to argue with guests because they were trying to use them in violation of the terms. Anyway, one day. This guy comes in and slaps a magazine with one of our coupons down on the desk and stares me down. I sigh internally and look at the coupon. It’s a couple of months out of date. ME: Our rate for the night is... HIM: I know the rate. It says it right here He jabs his finger into the magazine just about punching a hole in our marble counter. HIM: Now you’re going to honor this coupon or I’m going to call my friend who owns the company. I really want to tell him to go ahead because if he really knew the owner, he’d know that the company is a franchise and each hotel is privately owned. Instead, what I say is... ME: Absolutely Sir. You see, what I was going to tell him before he cut me off was that his coupon was out of date and from the height of tourist season. Since the season was over and we’d already gotten snow, our regular nightly rate was almost half of what his coupon said. Since he was insistent that I honor it, I saw no reason not to charge him almost double what everyone else was paying. - JMKellywriter

I want salt that is juuuuuust right.

In my younger days when I worked a conventional job I was making food at a lovely place called Quebec Tango. It was nearing the end of my shift but I got an order right after I'd cleaned down all my equipment and stocked everything. In comes a delightful lady named Karen. Karen ordered a very simple order, a pretzel with cheese dip. No problem. I quickly make the order and hand it to her and tell her to have a good night. Karen opened the box and clearly was just baffled by what she sees. She tells me the pretzel is all wrong and how I ruined her night. I ask her what was wrong with it and she doesn’t tell me. I offer to make her a new one and she accepts. I make a new one completely normal just like her order says and hand her a coupon for a free ice cream for her next visit. This time she screams at me and pulls a typical Karen and ask for my manager. I said sure and went to get her. Karen is now yelling at the manager and when she finally tells us what’s wrong with the pretzel she said “the salt grains are too big! You will remake this pretzel correctly!". My manager smiles and says sure we’ll make you a new one. So we make the new one and my manager crushed up the salt and put it on there and handed it to her, that’s when Karen complained that they were too small. She’s mad about this, thinking we were going to give her the pretzels for free but even though we typically only charge you for a remade one, a horrible attitude can get you things you don’t want. - Nicks2307

The fact that gyms still allow people to be on their phones is an indictment of gyms.

At my gym we have a bench and stand for just hip thrusts. This guy is just sitting there, and has been for the past 20 minutes, not doing anything So I went up and asked him how many more sets he has, obviously being nice and to try and subtly hurry him up. He proceeds to give me THE dirtiest look EVER, scoffs at me and just goes back on his phone...? I ignore him and do another exercise and I’ll just go back and check if the bench is free in about 10 minutes or so. I kept and eye on the guy and he was sat there continuously on his phone not actually doing anything... so that’s a total of at least 30 minutes. I went up to the guy again and I said “you’ve been sat there for over 30 minutes now, just on your phone and I need to use it, so if you’re going to just sit there then please go to the lounge area instead of taking up the equipment." This guy just LOST IT he just turned around and said “who the f-- do you think you are, I can sit here all I want, I pay for the membership and no spoiled brat will tell me to move." I was baffled and didn't really know what to say, this guy was up in my face and just screaming at me. Some nice body-builder came up and started having a go at him about the way he was speaking to me and that I was right, and that he has seen that he wasn’t doing anything and so he should go and chill somewhere else so other people can use the equipment. Someone else went and pulled someone out of the staff room, and now the guy's been banned from the gym and all of the gym's branches. - Nicks2307

Men need to learn how to deal with rejection.

I used to be a bartender/manager at a small family-owner restaurant. We had this one customer who I’ll call D. It’s short for Douchebag. After about eight months of him being a regular, he asked me out. I (VERY POLITELY AND KINDLY) turned him down. And, my god, you would have thought I threatened his mom with the way he reacted. Then he turned into a giant douchebag. Always snapping at me (both literally and figuratively), complaining about food that he never had an issue with before, etc. A couple months later, we had some changes to our menu and some slight price changes. Notably, his favorite soup (elk chili) was .75 cents more. He stormed in and sat and ordered elk chili. I said “of course! I just want to make sure you’re aware that of the change--“ he snapped at me and said “How dumb do you think I am??? I can read!" So he gets his soup, his meal, a few beers and a glass of one of our higher quality bourbons. I bring him the check and he flips out. “This is more than it was before! You never told me that it would be more! This is fraud. I’m not paying this. Fix it!" Okay, I can do that. However, on the check, I had also charged him for only happy hour price beers, which was significantly less than our regular prices. Happy hour ended before he even got there. I also charged him for a lower quality bourbon by the same company. So I fixed his check for him. But I fixed all of it. The new check was about $15 more than it was before. He was so mad he was lost for words, and I took that time to show him how I fixed his check. He never came back on nights I was working after that. - AnsleyStar

Always buy your batteries in bulk! That's econ 201!

One of those very loud customers came up to the counter and tossed a round battery onto the counter. "Hey! You have that battery?" I check the size, and confirm that we do sell them. "Well, are you gonna go and get it?" I walk over to the battery rack, pull one out, and return to the register. As soon as I step back there, and no earlier: "I need four of those!" I go back out, and instead of putting it back and grabbing the four-pack, I pull down three more single packs and once again return. All together they cost about twice as much as the multi-pack, but you can't put a price on shaving 10 steps off your shopping trip. - quockerwodger

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

My father is quite possibly one of the most greedy narcissistic jerks I have the displeasure of knowing. Luckily my mom figured this out eventually and divorced him and got custody of me and my brother. Flash forward about three years, my father decides he pays too much child support and drags us to court three times. Every time he did he would act like a massive smug jerk and piss off the judge by doing stuff like interrupting her or speaking without receiving permission. Every time he pissed off the judge, he got the jerk tax. His child support was originally $950, it got cranked all the way up to $2500 monthly. - BaffledMum

The secret is to not steal.

An author tweeted this out: In WTF news, a reader emailed me to let me know that our book she downloaded from a pirate site infected her computer with a virus. She is upset. I'm struggling to come up with an appropriate response. - BaffledMum

Gotta read those receipts.

During college I was a head cashier at a national chain bookstore. Our return policy was 14 days with a receipt — anything after that, there's technically no returns allowed (because then why wouldn't people just read all the books and then return them?). This one day, this lady came in with a receipt that was a little over three weeks old. I politely told her it was unfortunately outside the return window, but I'd make a one-time exception and give her store credit for the amount she paid. "THAT'S RIDICULOUS! CALL YOUR MANAGER. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!" So I did just that -- called up the manager on duty & asked her to come process a return that was outside the normal policy. She came up, took one look at the receipt, and said "it's outside two weeks. We can't take this back." - michaelk4289

Karma can be so sweet.

This morning, I was driving a 40 mph zone in the pouring rain when I noticed I had picked up a tailgater. It was a Jeep Wrangler, the vehicle of choice for the aggressive Southern jerk. He comes out of nowhere and is right on my back bumper as I'm approaching a stop sign. I come to a stop and look back to see him getting pulled over by one of Clemson's finest. Speeding tickets ain't cheap, and blue lights have never looked so good. - coppergato

I won't press it any further then.

I work in distribution sales, so our margins are generally pretty thin. We make the majority of our money by selling volume. I had a quote out for about $110k, and when the customer sent me the purchase order, I realized it that I had quoted it wrong by about 6 percent in my favor, so I picked up the phone to call him and let him know he was going to make an extra $6600. ME: Hey Jerry, it’s me over at XYZ Corp. About that PO you just sent-- JERRY: The PO is fine, it matches the quote you sent me. ME: Yep, that’s why I’m calling. I misquoted this and...(cut off again) JERRY: No, this is bull. You f--ed up and quoted it wrong and I expect you to honor the quote. ME: You’re right, I apologize and hope you have a great afternoon. So I kept the extra money and got paid about 3 times my normal commission on the deal. - burningriverallstar

Poor guy was anxious about his avocado budget.

I was standing in line at the supermarket, and the guy before me is getting his items scanned by the cashier. Suddenly a very angry man in suit and tie storms in, pushes by the guy who is about to pay and in a loud and angry voice demands "I did not get the discount for these avocados I just bought!" and hands the cashier his receipt. The amount of money on this discount is close to $1 or so. Anyway, the cashier looks up with a overly grateful and clear voice and says, "Oh, thank you so much for pointing this out, I had forgotten to input the number of avocado. That will be $2.40 please, and again thank you bringing this to my attention". It was the smallest sum of money, but I could just feel just how good that felt for the cashier. - HumbleSinger

Titans traffic has killed many an Uber rate.

We’re in Nashville on Broadway, heading back to our rental house outside the city. We’re trying to book an Uber but the escalation rate made it like $70. So I told everyone "forget it, a cab will be cheaper." So we walk outside and grab a taxi. Now I drove a cab for 10 years, and dispatched for a few more, so I get the hustle. I wanted to run the meter, and he refused. This dude typed in the address to his Uber app, and it said $44. We settled on $40. He proceeds to get himself stuck in Titans game traffic for 30 minutes, with the meter off. - burningriverallstar

Was their pride worth more than the senior discount?

Took my boyfriend out for breakfast and then to buy some plants from this lovely garden center for our new condo. When we got to the register, the girl behind the counter offered us a senior discount because it’s senior day (even though we are clearly in our early 20s). We were very thankful and got to talking after this. This is when she told us that earlier today there was a woman in her 30s was buying a few things and to be generous she offered the lady the senior discount as well. Well, this lady’s face changed instantly and she quickly corrected her and told her she clearly wasn’t a senior. The girl behind the counter tried to explain that she was just doing her a favor but the lady wasn’t having it. So she took off the senior discount and the lady paid full price. The insecurity is high with this one. - crunchyfajita

Keep your head on a swivel.

This happened to my friend whose family owns a bike shop. Aside from selling bicycles they also do all kinds of repairs and services. One day a guy came in to have a tire in his bicycle inflated, but because he was being a turbo jerk he managed to rack up the price to the equivalent of about $20. Of course, instead of paying he was about to do more shouting and calling them names, but then two policemen in uniforms walked in. He then immediately went quiet, paid and walked out in a hurry. - MrMaselko

Just scrap all those friends and start over.

When I was in high school, I was “friends" with the popular kids at school but mostly just because my older sister was popular. Most of my “friends" would just make fun of me and some even admitted they became friends with me to get into our social circle. I would often hang out with my sister and her friends would all be super nice to me at parties. Her friends were all legal drinking age and I was still a couple years too young. However, I had a sweet job at an electronics store and made friends with really cool people a few years older than me. These friends were very well connected at the most popular bars in my city. So one night I was going to a bar with a bunch of people from work (the doorman was one of my coworkers as his second job so I didn’t need ID) and I ran into one of my friend’s older brothers, who has been cool with me at my sisters parties, waiting at the back of a huge line to get in. I was going up to say hi and ask how many of them were there as I could get them line by-pass and he pretended like he didn’t know me and made fun of me to look cool in front of his friends. So I said “oh, too bad as I was going to get you and your friends in for free without the line" and started walking away. He surprisingly remembered my name and called me to come back and that he was just joking around. It was a winter night in Canada so you can imagine how pissed his friends were that he screwed them all over just to seem cool. - sexy_in_the_6

How much could a Sprite possibly cost?

I work in a 24 hour fast food place for a clown. This is one of the only 24 hour fast food places in the area, and so we get all the night traffic. Sunday at about 11:55 PM to about 1 AM (Monday), we get a lot more traffic than normal. We’re taking lots of orders and making lots of money. Someone goes through the drive thru and orders some food. The person taking the order misheard if they wanted a large Sprite or a large fry (that’s one that is hard to distinguish some times). He tried to distinguish between the two and they said the fry was correct. They pay at the first window and go to the second window. They get fries and no drink and start complaining. They’re told to park and come in to do a refund. The girl comes in and tries to refund and get a drink. The manager says “we’ll need the fries back before we do a refund." So the girl leaves and gets back in her car. She’s talking to a passenger and we think they’re debating what to do. The passenger comes inside this time with the fries. One manager goes to the register to start a refund and get her a soda. However, the girl walks up to the counter, throws the fries down, and stomps out. I happened to be in the line of fire and get hit by the box (It didn’t hurt, I just start joking I got “a-salt-ed"). Then the girl leaves, without a refund, without a drink, and without a large fry. She pretty much gave the store a free $3.07. - bucksnort2