Jill Biden has become the subject of mockery this week after she attempted to speak Spanish to a crowd during an event in California on Wednesday.

It was admittedly a very awkward moment...


The first lady was speaking to a crowd of around one-hundred farm workers while standing alongside California Governor, Gavin Newsom, in Delano.

The event was staged to honor the late labor leader, Cesar Chavez, on his birthday.


Members of the Chavez family, including his son Paul, greeted the first lady when she arrived.

In her remarks, Dr. Biden praised farmworkers as essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic.​


"As millions of Americans were isolated at home, we depended on those who kept going in to work, every single day," she said

She also touted her husband's work for labor and his immigration policy.


"He believes that our work must always be guided by justice and humanity," she said of President Biden. "And that's exactly the kind of immigration policy he's working to build - one that treats children and families with dignity and creates fair pathways to citizenship, including for essential workers."

During her time at the historic Forty Acres, where Chavez formed his first union, Dr. Biden took the time to meet with workers and visited a COVID vaccine clinic on site.


There, she handed out vaccination cards to people about to get the Moderna or Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

However, there's one other aspect of her visit that people can't stop talking about...


And that's her Spanish skills.

As stated earlier, Dr. Biden attempted to recite this phrase in Spanish:


"Si, se puede," which translates to "Yes, we can."

Admittedly, Dr. Biden doesn't speak Spanish...


But that hasn't stopped the Twitter community from completely ridiculing her "embarrassing" pronunciation of the phrase.

Some even compared her to her pre-successor, Melania Trump, who is fluent in 5 different languages.

​You can listen to her pronunciation for yourself below.

What do you think? Are people being harsh? Or is her Spanish really that bad?