First Lady Dr Jill Biden Wore a Scrunchie While Shopping | 22 Words

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden has caused a Twitter frenzy after being seen wearing a scrunchie while out shopping... and people are loving it.

Here's the full story...

Our new first lady, Dr. Jill Biden, has captured hearts all around the world...


And although it's only been a few weeks since her husband, Joe Biden, was sworn into office, the new president and his wife are already so popular.

People are simply obsessed with the couple...

Especially the first lady and her iconic fashion choices.

And ever since Jill was spotted wearing a scrunchie while shopping...

People have been going wild over how iconic it was.

Scroll on to check out this major fashion move...

Now, Joe Biden first crossed paths with the then Jill Stevenson in March 1975.

Of course, Joe had just endured the most horrific of grievances a few years earlier after his wife and college sweetheart, Neilia, had been killed when a tractor-trailer crashed into the station wagon she was driving with their 3 children.

Daughter Naomi, 1, was also killed, while sons Beau, 4, and Hunter, 3, were badly injured and would be in the hospital for months.

At thirty, he became a single parent to his sons, taking the train home from Washington to Wilmington every night as he worked as the senator of Delaware.

So when he was set up on a blind date with Jill by his brother, he was given a new lease of life.

The couple became serious very quickly, with Jill taking Joe's sons under her wing right away.

"When Joe worked late, I would go over to make dinner and keep them company," she wrote in her memoir, Where the Light Enters, as excerpted in TIME.

"I would help pick them up from school sometimes, or we'd pass an evening watching TV. We started to build our own relationship separate from their dad."

A few years later in 1977, the couple tied the knot in a romantic ceremony...

With them even taking Joe's sons on their honeymoon!

And in 1981, they welcomed their daughter, Ashley, into the world...

With there being absolutely no doubt that Jill was slowly starting to mend Joe's broken heart.

But alongside being the supportive wife of a political figure and the mother of 3 children, Jill was embarking on her own career.

She received her Masters of Education degree from West Chester University in 1981, and after taking several years off following the birth of her daughter, she returned to teaching English while also pursuing a Master of Arts in English from Villanova University.

Also in 1987, Joe - who had been serving as a senator for almost 2 decades - announced his intention to seek the Democratic nomination for the 1988 presidential race.


Although the bid wasn't successful, Jill campaigned actively by his side and supported her husband through the busy years to come - including becoming the second lady of the United States when Joe became President Obama's vice president.

While working as the second lady during Obama's presidency, Jill worked tirelessly as a partner to her husband...


And the couple seemed happier than ever.

But in 2015, tragedy struck for the Bidens once again.


Joe's son, Beau, died of brain cancer at the age of forty-five, just 2 years after his first diagnosis.

"It was totally shattering," Jill said in an interview. "My life changed in an instant. All during his illness, I truly believed that he was going to live, up until the moment that he closed his eyes, and I just never gave up hope."

Together they rallied around their family and faith, and the entire Biden family emerged stronger and more bonded than ever.

"Family comes first. Over everything," son Hunter said of his father's guiding principle, in an interview after Beau's death.

"I can't think of anything that has been more pervasive and played a larger part in my life than that simple lesson. He didn't have to teach it by saying it. It was just in his actions."

But last year, a huge victory was succeeded when Joe won the 2020 presidential election...


Making him the forty-sixth president of the United States.

This, of course, made Jill the first lady of the United States...


And millions tuned in from all around the world to watch as the Biden's were inaugurated on January 20th this year.

​So far, the couple has been welcomed warmly into their new roles...

And they already have a huge global fan base who are simply obsessed with every move they make.

But the one thing that people really love...

Is Jill's incredible style.

She always looks immaculate...

And the first lady is always sporting a beautiful outfit with, of course, intricately matching face masks.

And as for her most recent trend?

Last week, the first lady posted a picture on Twitter of her latest secret errand to pick up some "Valentine's treats" from The Sweet Lobby, a Black-owned bakery in Washington, D.C.

But all people could talk about was her casual-chic style and the cute scrunchie she was wearing in her hair!

Here is the first lady's post:

So cute, right?!

We're definitely going to go and buy some scrunchies for our hair now...