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Trump Family Respond to Dr. Jill Biden’s Vogue Cover After Melania Was ‘Snubbed’

The Trump family has shared their anger on social media after Vogue decided to feature the first lady, Dr. Jill Biden, in the August issue of their magazine, despite never reaching out to Melania Trump during her time as first lady.

Once former POTUS Donald Trump left office, Vouge resumed the tradition of having a magazine cover featuring the first lady after 4 whole years under his presidency… which is really saying something!

And Donald Trump Jr. was clearly vexed by the cover, so much so, he photoshopped a picture of Jill Biden with singer Alice Cooper’s face on it to Instagram, along with the caption: “Nailed it. Apologies to Alice Cooper.”

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Lara Trump, wife of Eric Trump was also so annoyed by the news, she felt the need to go on a long rant about Melania being “snubbed” by Vogue despite her being the “most beautiful first lady.”

“It’s too bad that we didn’t have a first lady who was a model, who was incredibly fashionable, who they could put on the cover of Vogue when Donald Trump was in office,” she said in an interview with Fox Business, “Oh wait, we did! It was Melania Trump!”

She blamed the lack of coverage on people’s “hate” towards ex-president Trump, describing them as “so woke that they could not bring themselves to put an incredibly beautiful woman, I would say the most beautiful first lady we ever had.”

“You know it used to be that they would put every first lady on the cover of Vogue and every first lady would be on the cover of multiple magazines until it was Melania Trump because she’s married to Donald Trump,” she added, “They hate him so much that they decided to snub her.”

Trump had previously complained that his wife had not been in Vogue during his time in office by retweeting a post from Breitbart News. “The elitist snobs in the fashion press have kept the most elegant first lady in American history off the covers of magazines for four consecutive years,” the tweet said.

In the Vogue feature story, the first lady talked to writer Jonathan Van Meter, with the story being titled “A First Lady for All of Us: On The Road With Dr. Jill Biden.”

Her Vogue cover has been a huge talking point all over social media, with many people calling Lara out over her comments, saying she deserved to be on the magazine as she was a fashion icon.

“Note to Lara Trump… The reason first lady Dr. Jill Biden is on the cover of Vogue is that she’s admired worldwide. Melania is a racist birther and is despised worldwide. Plus, no one cares about your conniption fit considering you stole millions from shelter dogs,” one user said on Twitter.

TV host Mark Simone said: “The most beautiful first lady ever, the only one who was a professional model, Melania Trump didn’t get a single magazine cover, while the frumpy, discount store clothed, ‘Dr’ Jill Biden gets dozens of covers and fawning articles.”