Have you ever had a near-death experience?

Well, Jim Carrey has...

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Apparently. The comedic actor recently opened up about the time he thought he had "ten minutes left to live."

His story is truly spooky...

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Though, once you delve in further, not everything is quite as it seems.

Now, many are surprised that Carrey shared his terrifying tale...

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Because, in recent years, the actor has become a lot more private and less keen on holding his spot in the public eye.

In fact, he's often quite critical of society's obsession with fame...

And has been known to stress how wealth and success aren't the key to happiness.

Carrey has also been known to troll the paparazzi in the past...

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Here he is in 2008, wearing then-girlfriend Jenny McCarthy's bathing suit - perhaps as a commentary on how women are treated by the media, or perhaps just to induce a laugh.

Carrey just loves stirring up the press...

So, to many, it came as no surprise when he revealed something shocking that happened to him when writing his book.

Because, as stated earlier, it turns out that the actor had a near-death experience...

Kind of.

The star spilled all in a recent interview...

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And people had some strong feelings about the actor after hearing the story.

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The actor was recently a virtual guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his new autobiographical novel, Memoirs and Misinformation...

When he was asked about the inspiration behind its unusual front cover.

The cover, which is pink and blue, appears to show his face in a distorted manner...

So, understandably, it was an instant talking point.

Well, it turns out that it is actually a screenshot from a conversation he and his assistant had.

The actor then revealed how he was writing his novel on an island of Hawaii when his assistant called him in tears to tell him they had "ten minutes left" and the "missiles are coming."

Wait... What?!

Carrey went on: "The cover is actually my face after being told I have ten minutes to live. It was completely real to us."

Obviously, the news was terrifying for Carrey...

And he proceeded to frantically try and get himself and his daughter off the island.

But, eventually, he accepted his fate and said his goodbyes to friends.

He recalled: "At that point, I started going, 'okay, what can I do with this last moment of time'. I just decided to go through a list of gratitudes and honest to God I just could not stop thinking of wonderful things that have happened to me and blessings I've had."

He even described his acceptance of death as "lovely."

"All I was planning to do was close my eyes and be thankful because it's been a good ride."

But then, there was a twist in the tale. 

He explained: "And I got to a point of grace at about 2 minutes to spare when I found out it wasn't actually happening."

Yep, the missiles weren't actually coming.

It turns out that the warning issued had simply been a false alarm. Phew.

Carrey could then breathe a massive sigh of relief...

And, considering he had a screenshot of his face from the terrifying moment, he felt it would make a very fitting front cover for his novel.

It's a story to tell the grandkids, right?

Joking about what he did after finding out it was a mistake, Carrey said: "I got p***ed off and heads rolled."

You can watch his full confession here.

We're glad you're alive, Jimmy! For more on the beloved actor, keep scrolling to find out his brilliant reason for never taking selfies with fans...