Jimmy Fallon Asked For Awkward Text Exchanges And The Results Are WILD

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In today’s technology-obsessed world, most people communication solely through text messages. Actually calling up a person with the intent to have a casual conversation seems like a completely foreign concept, and whenever I get a call from an unknown number I always let it go to voicemail rather than be forced to talk to someone I don’t know. And I’m guessing I’m not alone in this practice.

Texting, however, comes with its own fair share of obstacles. For one thing, it’s far too easy to accidentally text the wrong person. And sometimes, you end up texting the wrong person something you really didn’t want to text them. Plus, there’s the endless awkwardness that comes with unwanted autocorrect changes. So when Jimmy Fallon asked his Twitter followers for screenshots of their most awkward texting experiences, they presented some absolute gold. So sit back, relax, and enjoy some serious secondhand embarrassment.

These pics will make you triple-check your texts before sending them.

It all started when Jimmy posted this tweet asking for people’s most uncomfortable text exchanges.

And while everyone gets the occasional weird text every now and then, Jimmy’s followers dug deep to unearth the most cringe-worthy convos of all time.  

Like this morbid request

I actually don’t really blame Grandma for being so blunt about her posthumous demands. Her ingrate grandkids would probably have said something completely stupid if she hadn’t intervened. Plus, she ended it with a super fun suggestion!

Or this spellbinding video

Happens to the best of us, Dad. There are much worse things he could have accidentally recorded an audio file of and then sent to his kids, so he should consider himself lucky.

This wrong recipient

Oof, that’s rough. Poor Andrew. Although it seems like Andrew has been known to be difficult in the past, so perhaps he should take this as an opportunity for some serious self-reflection.  

This cereal booty

As adorable as this photo is, it would be somewhat offputting to receive with no idea of the sender. And it would probably put you off Lucky Charms for a while.

This failed voice text

What is it about voice texting that makes it so appealing to parents? And why can’t they edit the texts before sending them to their children?  

This oblivious father

As sad as this would be, part of me really wishes that the recipient of this text is an only child.

This cruel joke

While this is a horrible thing to do to someone on their birthday, it is a pretty clever way to get a free carrot cake. Although, why would you want one? Vegetables in a cake?? Get your healthfood dessert out of here!

This sweet comparison

There’s nothing more flattering than when someone compares you to one of their favorite songs. Okay, it probably depends on the song…

This illiterate casanova

You know what? We’re all getting tired of your s***, Cole. And we’ll all be making a call to your mother if you don’t clean up your act.

This helpful Mom

Moms give the best advice, don’t they? I probably would have replaced the word “cleavage” with “sharp intellect”, but what do I know about parenting?  

This celebrity interaction

I have a feeling that this person would not have been this excited if that first text had actually been correct. I could be wrong, though.

This inappropriate question

This is truly the stuff of nightmares. At least this person’s boss seemed to take it well and was amused rather than horribly offended.

This joke gone wrong

Well, that backfired. But on the plus side, now she knows the perfect way to find out if her significant other has been faithful or not!

This poor translation

I’m not sure who taught her to speak Spanish, but I’m fairly certain that they were just messing with her. She should probably avoid going to any Spanish-speaking countries until she fine-tunes her language skills.

This intense dream

That pesky invisible naked sumo guy! Let’s all keep this scenario in mind the next time we decide to order spicy ramen takeout at 10 pm.

This post-gym ritual

It’s important to be 100% with your personal trainer in order for them to get to know you and target your workout to your unique needs. …but this might be a bit too open…

This bathroom overshare

This poor stranger was probably scarred for life after receiving this text. And I totally believe that she wasn’t actually taking the worst dump of her life at the time…

This cringy question

Honestly, if an especially heinous ex texted me this, the best possible response would probably be something along the lines of “New phone, who dis?” Best revenge ever.

This system glitch

Totally believable. Happens all the time, I’m sure.

These special drops

I love my Dad and everything, but when it comes to maintaining his health, there are some things I’m just not willing to do. Maybe that makes me a bad child.  

This bold request

The funniest part of this text exchange is that we never found out what the original sender was actually requesting of Zane, thus leaving it a hilarious mystery.

This heartbreaking screenshot

We’ve all been there, Sam. Just try to keep in mind that there is hope for the painfully awkward.  

This unappetizing side dish

Remind me to never accept a dinner party invitation at Mickey’s house.  

This action-packed scenario

This text exchange is straight out of a horror movie. But then, once you realize what’s actually happening, it’s pretty hilarious. What do you do if a cruise ship leaves without you?!

This very wrong number

Either someone is playing a mean-spirited prank on this guy, or Dr. Howardson is about to receive the surprise of his life.

This strange work tactic

You know what? Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to show it to your uterus as well. Might be nice to get a fresh new perspective.

This dubious scenario

Did James survive his house exploding?! The suspense is killing me! RIP James.

This best wrong text ever

The answer to this question is “everyone”. Everyone on earth is the right person to receive these adorable penguin feet.

This meaty list

Aunt Barbara isn’t messing around when it comes to this family reunion. If I were Dexter I’d have definitely gone along with it just to score an invite.

This odd confession

I’m not sure how I would respond to this statement either. Except maybe…congratulations?

This head-scratcher

I’ve read this through several times now and I still can’t make heads or tails of it. So was she there or not?

This very wrong number

Woah. Calm down, Karen. I can see now why Sandra gave you a fake number.

This blunt 10-year-old

Gotta love a 10-year-old! Although, I tend to just assume that all unknown numbers are creeps as well, so I see where he’s coming from.

This unique snack

The sad thing is that pineapple-flavored thongs probably do exist. But they’re definitely not something that anyone should be eating.

This deep thought

I feel this. Sometimes God doesn’t work over by my house, either.

This yummy dessert

My favorite part of this exchange is the honesty that it ends with. There’s no shame in enjoying cocknuts.

This kinky nightmare

Of all the people that could accidentally see this steamy exchange, I’m betting your grandma is the absolute worst-case scenario.

This absorbent drink

Just picturing this concoction makes my throat hurt. I’m pretty sure ingesting one of these would kill you.  

This failed attempt

Well, this definitely didn’t go as he expected it to. Although I’m not really sure how he expected this to go…

This Melisa mistake

This person is much nicer than I am. I would have kept this lie going for as long as possible. Just think of all the family drama that could have been set in motion!

This fun mom

Brendan’s mom sounds awesome. “I am a winner” sounds like a good mantra to say to yourself as you approach slut machines as well.

This “hottest one”

Attention men: Please do not refer to yourselves as “El Papi”. It’s just creepy.

This terrible timing

Awkward. RIP to their friendship.

This slight overreaction

Sure, this person may have gotten a bit too heated about a character on a children’s TV show, but I mean, seriously, HIS NAME IS OBVIOUSLY STEVE YOU COMPLETE AND UTTER IDIOT.

This bizarre euphemism

I don’t know what “on the toad” is referring to, but I’m going to start saying it and letting people assign their own meaning. Although it does sound pretty dirty, so maybe that’s not the best idea.

This sweet gesture

Sure, this is embarrassing. But, based on his text, does she really have any dignity left at this point?

These amorous parents

Hey, at least they’re not fighting, right? Right?!

This total hypocrite

This is my new favorite response to unsolicited dick pics. Oh, you don’t like it? Then stop DOING IT.

This atrocious autocorrect

And, lastly, this has to hold the world record for most heinous autocorrect of all time. But she should really count her blessings. At least she only sent it to her brother and not her entire youth group!