Jimmy Fallon Asked Twitter to Share Prom Fails and You Won’t Believe Some of These Stories

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How well do you remember your prom? Was it a magical evening filled with sparkling formal wear, fragrant corsages, killer dance moves, and the excitement of young love? Or was it about a million times more depressing than that? Was it in fact a prom fail?

Teen movies have a way of presenting prom night as something pretty far from reality. Most high school kids have, at best, a fun night of dancing, and, at worst, one giant humiliation that they’re still not fully recovered from. I, for example, met my prom date at the local grocery store and was forced to watch as he slow-danced with my best friend for the entire night. While I’ve since overcome the embarrassment (mostly), it still stings to think about all these years later.

With the expectations we all put on prom, it’s no surprise that most nights at the prom end up completely failing to live up. Whether you have a true prom disaster picture, or just a run of the mill prom fail, most of us have at least something bad that happened on prom night.

To make you feel less alone, Jimmy Fallon asked the internet for their awful prom stories. We’re talking horrible prom pictures, prom disaster pictures, the biggest of the prom fails. And oh baby did the internet deliver. Some people have had seriously awful proms.

If your experience was anything like mine, the following 30 tales of #promfails will make you feel a whole lot better. And they’ll make you really glad that you’re no longer an awkward teenager. Take a walk down memory lane with me, into the worst of the worst of prom fails.

This celebrity fail

After asking for people to reveal their most epic prom fails, Jimmy Fallon graciously offered his own. I definitely feel more willing to offer my own prom fail after hearing this one because it’s a doozy.
I’m pretty sure even BeyoncĂ© couldn’t dance to “The Star-Spangled Banner.”
(Actually, she probably could, because Queen Bey can do anything.)

This logical replacement

Smart move, school.
You swapped out one alcohol receptacle for another that actually holds more alcohol. This is a prom fail on the part of the school. But imagine the horrible prom pictures that must have come from it.

This Dad joke

Dads, why you gotta be like this?
What is it about embarrassing your children that provides you with so much joy?
Granted, this is a pretty hilarious move and I may have to do something similar when my own kids go to prom. Imagine the horrible prom pictures this dad could have created with a few strategic photo bombs.

This snotty surprise

Sure, this had to be a mortifying revelation. This is truly a prom disaster picture situation.
But this guy was prom king.
As someone who most people ignored in high school, I have very little sympathy.
Keep bragging about how popular you were as a teen, Grant.
We’re all so impressed! (cough, humblebrag, cough).

This disgusting solution

Oh, honey, no.
Although I suppose this was better than just projectile vom-ing on the dance floor? This is a serious prom disaster.

This comfy outfit change

Honestly, this would be my dream come true.
Not only is she rocking that Grinch onesie, but I guarantee she was about a million times more comfortable than every other girl at that prom.
Are Grinch onesies the new prom dresses?
I think the answer is pretty obvious. This is less prom picture fail and more trend-setting prom win.

This sticky swan dive

This one would be tough to shake off.
Plus, if she was covered in punch, it would be tough not to be uncomfortably sticky for the rest of the evening. Thanks for bringing this up, Jimmy Fallon prom tweet.

This clumsy chaperone

What an enchanting evening this must have been!
I get that he didn’t want his date to miss out, but I’m guessing she would have had a better night if she’d gorged herself on Chicken McNuggets in the McDonald’s parking lot. I hope they at lest got some pictures that weren’t total prom picture fails.

This rainy day regret

That’s what she gets for being so demanding with the umbrella!
Karma is real, folks.
But seriously, I couldn’t imagine the amount of heartbreak I’d feel after buying an expensive dress and having it ruined before I could even get a picture in it. I hope she managed to hide the dirty hem so she didn’t have prom picture fails.

This clueless date

Look, some people just don’t know what prom is.
Maybe this guy was homeschooled!
Or has been living under a rock his entire life!
Or maybe he doesn’t know that “prom” is short for “promenade”!
We all learned that from Never Been Kissed, right? The biggest prom fail is not knowing what prom is.

This magical memory

Isn’t it nice to have photographic evidence of the most amazing night of your life?
What a great memory to show your future grandchildren. The best part of this horrible prom picture is that everyone else is ignoring her while she’s clearly in pain. Great friends.

This questionable shoe choice

I can’t tell if this is a #promfail or a #promwin.
…it’s a #promfail.
Anything involving crocs is an instant fail. But I do have to tip my cap to the commitment to comfort. And the absolute prom disaster of a picture that I’m sure came from it.

This rebel without a cause

Let’s file “doing donuts in the school parking lot” as something we all thought was totally cool in high school. This poor kid didn’t even make it to prom for his prom fail.

This invisible dress

This is kind of awesome, actually.
And she totally lucked out with that backdrop.
It could have been something far less flattering. As it is, it just looks like she has some kind of amazing invisibility superpower. So less of a horrible prom picture and more of a happy accident.

This intercom mix-up

Let’s all feel bad for the unwanted Katelyn in this situation.
I really hope he still took her to prom.
Reject Katelyns need loving too! At least he could still have a fun night with the other Katelyn. This isn’t a total prom fail.

This bumbling break-in

I would pay good money to watch that doorbell video. I particularly love that this was not a prom disaster picture it was a prom disaster video. Thanks technology for capturing more and more of our embarrassing moments.
But I’m guessing she’s destroyed all evidence of this experience at this point.

This maternity photo

As a nine-months pregnant woman, I think she looks fabulous.
She really has that pregnancy glow! #HorriblePromPhotos
On the other hand, this looks more convincing than some serious photoshop work I’ve seen, so kudos to that backdrop.

This big ‘ol bummer

That’s not good.
For so many reasons.
Just say “no” to spiking. Unless you want to see your teachers drunk. But no one wants to see that. That’s just a prom disaster picture waiting to happen.

This blushing bride

I’m sorry, but since when were bouquets a thing at prom?
Or white princess dresses?
She was basically asking for this reaction. And she probably got some seriously horrible prom pictures.

This painful prom night

Look at her smiling through the pain and humiliation!
What a champ! She is never going to forget this night, even if it is a prom fail.

This perfect gentleman

Honestly, this sounds like the ideal date.
He’s polite, quiet, and won’t make you cry in the bathroom by grinding on his ex-girlfriend in front of your whole school. I see this as an act of complete genius. Not a prom fail at all.

These sad tanks

This is horrendously depressing. But let’s look on the bright side. At least those tanks weren’t filled with dead fish instead!

This hilarious joke

Yet another reason to be glad that text message signatures are no longer a thing.
Part of me thinks this girl knew exactly what was going on but just wanted to let him down easy. At least it was over text instead of in person, because this is crushing. What a horrible prom fail.

This exposed moment

After something like this, you’re pretty much forced to change your name and transfer to a different school.
There’s just no other option. #promfails

These Doublemint twins

Aren’t sisters just the worst?!
But seriously, can we talk about how extra that Mom was?
Kudos to you, Ma.
Although, obviously, it didn’t work out very well…this is what I would call a Mom prom fail.

This amazing friend

This girl was lucky to have such a nice and devoted friend in her time of need.
I would have probably just wheeled her into a corner and forgotten about her. Not a complete prom fail.

This unsurprising outcome

Let’s hope that this guy has gotten a bit more smooth since high school. Because I can’t think of one lady who finds purple nurples to be a turn on.

These unwelcome spectators

This is just straight-up weird.
The things these parents saw that night cannot be un-seen. Don’t these parents have anything better to do than to stare at their children’s awkward prom fails?

This mean prank

Poor Brandon!
Although I do find it hilariously adorable that he added “she wasn’t there” at the end.
Which means he probably still went into the abandoned warehouse looking for her. But seriously, who does this instead of just saying no? This isn’t a prom fail, this is simple cruelty.

This understandable confusion

Having worn these exact same products at a formal event before, I can see how he would have that reaction.
But it does bring up a rather disgusting image. At least no one snapped any prom disaster pictures of the moment.

This wild night

Compared to these kids, my high school experience was a total snooze.
Kids drank in high school? AND hooked up?
Why did I waste so many nights playing Zelda?! On the plus side, Zelda does not create prom fails like these.

This bad first impression

Drinking more to make yourself less nervous is never a good idea, kids.
I know this firsthand. It also is a recipe for disaster prom photos.

This head injury

He couldn’t have yelled, “Heads up!”??
High school kids are the worst. Also apparently their aim is the worst too. Don’t give your friends concussions kids! At least he’s got some horrible prom photos to look back and remember this awful night.

This gastrointestinal catastrophe

This sounds rough, but it could have been much, much worse.
At least he made it to the bathroom in time.
Otherwise, that night definitely would have been ruined.
(And that suit.) Here’s hoping things calmed down once they reached the dance so that at least they didn’t have prom disaster pictures.

This total tragedy

Cassidy, you poor thing.
This may be the most depressing thing I’ve ever read.
Why did your parents allow this?! Did they take horrible prom pictures while you did it? I simply must know.

This epic burn

No one throws shade like Granny! But rolling up to prom with your friends is hardly the worst prom fail around, so lay off grandma.

This terrible tan

Kids, listen up: Do not tan.
I repeat: DO. NOT. TAN.
You do not want these horrible prom pictures.

This zipper incident

While this sounds horrendously painful, I do love that he used the term “beans and frank” to describe his…well…beans and frank. They didn’t even make it to prom for what would have been some truly horrible prom photos.

This legitimate excuse

The fact that she refers to the birth of her child as a “#promfail” is pretty darn sad. Hopefully, she doesn’t continually remind her kid that they’re the reason she missed out on the most magical night of her life.

This comfy footwear

Here we have yet another photo that begs the question about whether this is a #promfail or a #promwin.
I’m going to give her a #win on this one.
I’m always pro wearing your slippers outside the house, and these may, in fact, be the most glorious slippers I’ve ever seen.
Here’s hoping she didn’t faceplant on the dancefloor due to lack of tread, though. I’m so glad someone got video of these glorious creatures.