Jimmy Fallon Asked for Beach Fails and the Internet Delivered

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Who doesn’t love a fun-filled trip to the beach? On a hot summer day, there’s nothing better than packing up the cooler with frosty cold drinks and an assortment of snacks, throwing on your favorite suit, slathering on the sunscreen, and catching some epic waves as you soak up the sun and become one with nature. It’s the perfect way to connect with family and friends and usually results in some good laughs, good exercise, and good old-fashioned fun that you just can’t get indoors.

Except when it doesn’t.

The following people reveal their biggest beach fails, which range from accidental exposure to humiliating experiences with a few disgusting surprises thrown in. You’re going to want to wear your lifejacket for this one, folks. The secondhand embarrassment is so strong it’ll leave you cringing for days afterward. (And make you reconsider that trip to the beach you have planned at the end of the month.)

If you’ve been to the beach often enough, you’ve probably experienced a beach fail or two. And Jimmy Fallon wants to hear about it. And you apparently do too, since you’re reading this article. Luckily for everyone, the internet delivered.  

I know it sounds mean, but I laughed heartily at this guy getting screwed over by his own selfish behavior. Find a random house key? Why spend 5 minutes trying to find its owner when I could throw it in the ocean instead?

As a pale redhead myself, this one hit home for me. I’m sure I’ve ruined countless wedding photos for this exact reason.

So, instead of a “dirt” nap, would this be called a sand nap?

I’m sorry, but if you’re willing to eat a Cheeto that you find on the beach, you deserve for it to turn out to be seagull poop. Seriously, though, I’m worried about that seagull. Was it radioactive?

Sure, this guy experienced something extremely embarrassing, but at least he brightened the day of each and every person on that ferry who had the joy of witnessing it.

This story goes from bad to very bad to change-your-name-and-never-go-to-that-beach-again bad.

If you go to a dog beach, you’re probably going to get peed on. He should consider himself lucky that is wasn’t something worse.

Hey, maybe it was a tattoo of something sweet like the word “Dad” surrounded by a heart! ….but it was probably a tribal tramp stamp.

Isn’t drinking any saltwater considered drinking too much saltwater?  

Am I the only one who wants to party with Jeff’s wife? Call me, Linda!

You’d think the handcuffs and chains would have been a dead giveaway.

As someone who lives very close to Chicago, I can confirm that “Is that a sea creature or a dead body?” is a game that we play regularly on every trip to the beach.

My son is only two months old, and I’m grateful for the fact that he’s not yet old enough to shout humiliating things in front of hundreds of people.

They ran into the water like little school girls, and I’m sure they ran out like ones as well.

At least this taught them a valuable lesson on how far away from a lake you should park your car. And that camping, in general, is usually a bad idea.

Considering this was this guy’s idea of “taking care of” something, he should probably never have children.

I get it, little girl. Your family is old news. Whatever’s going on in the next tent, it has to be more interesting than what’s going on in yours.

This parenting style leaves something to be desired. Does he also dress up like Michael Myers and chase her around with a knife and then wonder why she suffers from crippling anxiety?

Ya know what would instantly ruin an idealistic trip to the ocean? Impaling a child with a beach umbrella.

Sometimes I’m the angry infant when I go to the beach. Sure, I don’t eat fistfuls of sand to express my frustration, but when it gets too hot and crowded I’ve been known to throw a pretty epic tantrum.

Remember this story the next time you find a suspiciously empty beach on a beautiful summer day. If it seems too good to be true, there’s probably a ton of triathletes about to kick sand all over you.

Those “jump” pictures never, ever turn out. But please never stop attempting them, because they result in pictures like this.

I have a feeling that that bird knew exactly what it was doing. The result: comedy gold.

At first, I felt bad for this poor little guy, but then I realized that he could simply snip his leash and free himself whenever he chooses.  

The reason this was confusing was because her purse was shaped like a blobfish.

I can’t picture dog poop resembling anything “really cool” unless that dog happened to eat a handful of diamonds before doing its business.

I can honestly see the “goldfish tan” turning into the next Instagram trend.