Jimmy Fallon Got People to Share Their Most Bizarre and Hilarious Thanksgiving Fails

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Every family has its quirks, but some are… how do we say this kindly, more extreme than others. These things often show themselves in full-force over Thanksgiving because everyone is so stressed about getting the big meal ready in time for families and friends to arrive.

People tweeted out their most ridiculous and funny Thanksgiving fails yesterday, and they’re sure to make you giggle. Jimmy Fallon started the trend by tweeting, “Hashtag game! Tweet out a funny, weird, or embarrassing story about Thanksgiving and tag it with #ThanksgivingFails. Could be on the show!”

You’ll either deeply relate to these people or feel a little better about your own Thanksgiving dinner in comparison.

“Every year, My surgeon grandma makes 2 stuffed fish appetizers by opening them up, stuffing them and suturing them closed. After suturing them she couldn’t find all the needles. We drove to her hospital to X-ray the fish.” – Jhon F

“My mom tried making homemade rolls for Thanksgiving once…they were so hard that we played baseball with them and my dog used it as a chew toy for up to a week” –  @makayla_doolin

“My first time hosting thanksgiving for my in laws I spent two hours trying to thicken the gravy with what I thought was flour.. Turned out to be confectionary sugar… Was a tad sweet….” – @cpawlyk

“My cousin once bragged that his aunt makes the best cranberry sauce and even adds a cool design. The “design” is from the ridges of the can.” – @Liz Fedak

“Last Thanksgiving, our dining room table caught on fire from the candle wax dripping onto the table cloth. After we quickly put out the fire, I looked at my cousin and said, ‘Thanksgiving was lit.’ With a straight face he replied, ‘Straight fuego.'”- @nicc_gerbss

“One time my sisters friends family came over for dinner. [Note] that we are a religious family and they are not . so my mom said ‘everyone its time to say grace’ my sisters friend stood up and said ‘Grace’. now every year as a joke we say ‘grace’ before eating” – @stanger_fanz

“My mom was giving everyone cooking instructions for the day. She told us, ‘I’m in charge, I’m going commando. Follow my lead and everything will turn out great!'”[email protected]_MelissaAmy

“My grandfather would start off every meal by treating it like a funeral for the turkey, ‘We’re gathered here today to remember Gobbles. He was a fine bird who lived a fattening life. His dying wish was to have us feast upon his flesh. Let’s honor his memory.'”[email protected]abledexteacher

“The ONE year we put marshmallows on the sweet potatoes, we walked away for 5 minutes and came back to find the marshmallows on fire and my grandma just watching it happen”- Jenny Moss

Which Thanksgiving fail is your favorite? Let us know and share your own in the comments!