Jimmy Fallon Asked the Internet to Describe Their Worst Halloween Costumes and They Definitely Delivered | 22 Words

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon is at it again, asking his devoted Twitter fans to use a hashtag to relay their funniest stories, this time about their worst-ever Halloween costumes. And this is about as relatable as it gets — since most of us have been dressing up for Halloween since we were little bittie babies, we've all gone through the shame of either forgetting to get a costume until the last minute or completely misreading the room and wearing the wrong costume to the wrong party. I know I'll never forget dressing up as a Power Ranger for Halloween and, despite the Power Rangers being hugely popular, being made fun of for not being something spooky? Third grade was tough, man.

We've collected here some of our favorite costume fails. These people definitely screwed up their Halloweens, but at least they got a good story that might land them on The Tonight Show out of it?

This was Jimmy Fallon's big ask.

Would you tell your most embarrassing Halloween costume to story to Jimmy Fallon in exchange for the chance to be on The Tonight Show? I mean, I know I would. I just described it, unprompted, in the intro to this story. And it looks like a lot of folks on Twitter would too. We got some real bangers here, folks.

Hold on — you're telling me they're creepy and they're kooky?

Cousin It was a character on The Addams Family that was covered head-to-toe in hair. And I suppose you can swap out "carpet" for "hair" and make it convincing. Not sure if I remember Cousin It being so sweaty on the show, though...

"This year, I'm going as an enigma."

Gonna be honest with you — I've been squinting at this photo for about 10 minutes and I still have no idea what he's supposed to be. Is it some kind of... drowned clown? Like, a clown that drowned in a lake? I know there's no clown makeup, but it wouldn't be unfair to assume it washed off in the lake.

This pumpkin is pushing the boundaries of the possible; exploring what can and cannot be, for pumpkins.

Ah, a Halloween classic — the pumpkin astronaut. What kid doesn't want to be a pumpkin astronaut? The only danger is showing up to school dressed as a pumpkin astronaut and finding that everyone else is also dressed as a pumpkin astronaut.

Parents should discourage their kids from thinking of themselves as trash.

Look, I don't actually think I have the worst sense of fashion. I like a smart-looking polo from time to time. My pants generally fit. I can rock a suit when I need to. And yet, everyday when I walk out of the house, I think to myself, "I am definitely dressed like trash." So, I think this kid was dressed up as... me?

Tonight! The World Halloween Championship is on the line!

You want your Halloween costume to scare people, but in a fun "oh no, I thought you were a Dracula!"-sort of way. You don't want to actually remind anyone of the time their house got broken into. But, if the thief was dressed up like a wrestler, the only thing he'd steal is a win, after kicking his opponent in the groin while the ref's back was turned.

Do moms love raisins? Is that a thing?

I've never heard that moms might have a thing for raisins. But that's the only thing that explains this strange costuming choice. Why force your sweet baby girl into a raisin costume year after year if you weren't some kind of raisin super-fan?

With great power comes great responsibility.

I wonder if this begging took place in the band director's office, where none of the other kids could hear it? Or maybe this kid's band director told her they'd let the rest of the class know about the face-painting option and then "forgot." That'll teach her to pester the band director with asinine requests.

Truly the scariest Halloween costume I've ever seen.

Gonna be honest here — I hate this costume. It looks like some kind of Penguin-Dark Knight Joker hybrid, and I'm not here for it. Actually, now that I'm taking a closer look... Yup, this guy looks exactly like all of our worst uncles.

It should've been a delicious costume.

Listen, you have to admire the creativity here. Those things do combine to look like a S'more. But everyone would have to ask what they were. And sometimes, obtuse questions can be funny. But this one? You find out they're a S'more and you kind of just go, "oh. Okay. Goodbye now."

God bless America.

Generally, I think it's wrong for parents to push their political beliefs on their kids. But when pushing those political beliefs on their kids makes them this cute? Well, it's still wrong.

In writing, clarity is of the upmost importance.

Generally, when you write anything, you want to err on the side of being too clear as opposed to not clear enough. But for this tweet? The second I read "I went as a side of bacon" I knew where it was going. He didn't need to add "I was Kevin Bacon." We know you were Kevin Bacon, my man. We know.

I don't understand, and I don't know if I'm supposed to.

Is wearing a hat, like, this guy's brother's thing? Is the brother well-known for wearing a hat? Does he walk around town only for the other townsfolk to whisper, "There goes the boy who has a hat"? I just don't get what this costume is even supposed to mean.

Ah yes, the thing we all most remember about Michael Phelps: his height.

Gonna be honest here — if you wear any kind of Olympic paraphernalia and/ or a speedo, I'm going to think you're dressed as Michael Phelps. If you show up with medals around your neck, I will also assume you're Michael Phelps. I'm not going to get out a tape measurer to see if your Michael Phelps costume is accurate.

You have to be willing to suffer — even die — for your art costume.

Pac-Man is a great costume idea, full stop. But one of the things you have to remember about Pac-Man is that, canonically, he is alive. If your Pac-Man costume is going to make you not be alive, it's not an accurate Pac-Man costume.

A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do.

I know Rugrats was a pretty gross cartoon, but it didn't lean that heavily on the grosser aspects of being a baby, did it? Still, babies do soil their diapers. You have to admire the dedication to accuracy here. Oh wait, no you don't.

This is legitimately a good idea.

I love this idea. Balloons as gumballs is a solid costume. But you have to do it at a Halloween party where no one will accidentally bump into you and pop your costume.

Both were born in the USA.

I never thought about it before, but yes, the only difference between Bruce Springsteen and The Fonz is a guitar. And yet, they're both about the coolest Halloween costumes I can think of. Really, you get a leather jacket and you can't go wrong.

Not even one?

Such a bummer for my man here. You dress up like a kissing booth, you expect at least one person to give you a kiss. Maybe that guy who's dressed up as the Penguin/Joker/all of our uncles? You know he's not getting a kiss anywhere else.

I would've gotten it.

Mean Girls is iconic. This is actually a huge parenting blunder. Those kids should've seen Mean Girls Parents, please. Show your kids Mean Girls as soon as possible — maybe even as soon as you bring the baby home from the hospital.

Hey, five bucks is five bucks.

Wow, can't believe they still have "fattest" competitions. You'd think they would've gone away by now.

At least he doesn't have that awful connection to Voldemort.

There's a big debate going around the Harry Potter fan community right now: is Harry a jock or a nerd? And that question is made all the more confusing by the fact that he wears both glasses — the universal sign of a nerd — and has a scar — the universal sign of a jock. (Jocks get scars sometimes from sports injuries).

Old-timey children are the creepiest children.

You know a costume is scary when it frightens even the person who's wearing it. I do appreciate the use of the "Tbh" in this tweet, though. The fact that it's coming out as an admission means she hid her fear of herself from her dad all these years.

Sushi sounds so good right now, oh my god I honestly can't believe it.

A little hint for anyone dressing up as a sushi roll for Halloween: don't forget to smear some wasabi on yourself before you go out. Also, do you guys also only really enjoy sushi because it's a vehicle for wasabi? There is honestly no difference to me between Jiro Dreams of Sushi-level sushi and grocery store pre-made sushi because I will slather them both in wasabi.

It's like looking into a mirror...

I have to imagine that the most painful moment in the life of the nerd at the door was when he asked what the nerd child on the doorstep was dressed up as. We can only hope this guy at the door never sought out revenge. As we all know, there's nothing worse than the revenge of the nerds.

"Honey, please just go along with this! Everyone will get it and think it's so funny!"

You just know there was someone dressed up as a tampon at a party across town who had to keep telling everyone they weren't a q-tip.

Weird flex but okay.

Here's the thing — single moms already have it pretty tough. Not sure why you'd use Halloween as an opportunity to dunk on them.

This friend was for sure fired.

It would have been polite to call first. Although, that might have been just as bad. "Sir, you have a giant cat on line one."

Next time, enunciate.

It's always sad when a little kid doesn't get to be what they want for Halloween. But this kid? This kid kinda did it to himself. Pro tip: say "unique New York" six or seven times before you tell your parents what you want to be for Halloween. That'll get you thinking about correctly pronouncing your words. Also, can we be honest here? A purple crayon is a way better costume than Peter Pan.

How committed to the bit was this guy?

When most people start drowning in their own nose sweat (which happens less often than you might think), they just take off whatever's covering their nose. But this guy? This guy was Gru, for the love of God. He couldn't give that up! Honestly, I just hope he doesn't wear a fake nose again this year. He tempted the Grim Reaper once already. Love these Jimmy Fallon threads? Well stay tuned for the time he asked the internet for wedding fails because OMG these are good...