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It's not been a good year for any of us, but it's been a particularly difficult year for late-night hosts and in particular, the ones named "Jimmy." Jimmy Kimmel is the latest to be blasted online for his racist, blackface clips. The evidence is pretty damning against him though.

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It's not been a good year for late-night show hosts.

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But the Jimmy's have taken a particularly drastic hit.

It all started with Jimmy Fallon.

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Recently, things have not been going well for him. His talk show, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, quickly became a household favorite after the first episode premiered all the way back in 2014 but before that, he was involved in some horrible things.

He used to be so popular.

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Besides being a pretty funny guy, he seems to have remained humble over time, unlike some other hosts that have recently been exposed... Cough, Ellen, cough.

But after some digging, fans discovered some horrible clips...

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The results were not pretty in the slightest.

There's one video that stands out amongst the rest...

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A video from 2000 has recently taken the internet by storm for its offensive use of blackface. Yep, you heard that right.

Why is blackface so offensive?

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For those of you that still don’t seem to understand why black/brown face is so offensive, firstly, sort yourselves out. Secondly, I’ve got the facts here for you.

Throughout history, white people would paint their faces black in order to degrade black people.

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It happened in all sorts of places. From comedy shows to Halloween costumes. They would compare them to monkeys while simultaneously acting in a humiliating manner to depict black people as uncivilized.

It's extremely offensive.

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So, in all cases, avoid it. You can still be Samuel L. Jackson for Halloween without painting yourself black. Just get a beret, a blazer, and some thick-framed glasses. It's easy.

In the video that has emerged, Fallon was impersonating fellow comedian, Chris Rock.

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Suited in a brown leather jacket, a black turtleneck, and black face paint, the talk show host took on the role of Chris Rock in what has been described as a "racist" move.

It was racist, and that's that.

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However, he issued two apologies, one over Twitter and one on his show and people have seemed to forgiven him as he claimed he was ashamed of his actions.

But now, it's Kimmel on the receiving end of this backlash.

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For those of you that don't know, Kimmel also has a late-night talk show and is known for being a pretty charismatic character.

But as cancel culture comes for him, he is risking his spot at the top.

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In a series of re-emerged clips, Kimmel was seen using the N-word casually as well as being in blackface as he impersonated Snoop Dog.

And people just can't get over it.

It's a hard thing to stomach first thing in the morning.

And imagine following it up with this...

Oh, Kimmel. Get off the TV and stay off.

He needs to be held accountable.

"It was in the past." So was slavery allegedly, but it doesn't make it right, does it? He was old enough to know better.

And this woman raised a good point:

Be consistent.

But it wasn't just a one-time thing either.

Kimmel was caught out on multiple occasions doing blackface as you can see from this photograph, but the clip you'll see later is so much worse... Keep scrolling to see it.

The news comes after the host revealed he was "taking a few months off."

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Rather than facing the consequences of his actions, which also includes a mixtape in which he repeatedly used the N-word and was the key creator of humor which involved "racist jokes."

It's not about "censoring humor" guys.

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Remember that these stereotypes were ultimately used to degrade and humiliate black people before they had any rights in society. That's why it hurts deeply when people use it for comedic value. Is it just a joke to you? Maybe if black people had equal rights right now, then maybe, but they don't.

So if it's offensive to black people then it's offensive.

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Don't argue about it. Just learn and educate yourself and maybe we'll move towards a more equal society.

Here's the full video:

He must be held accountable if everyone else is. Keep scrolling to see why "whiteface" went viral a little while ago.