Jimmy Kimmel has ruffled a few feathers with a recent tweet that some have branded as "sick"...

Things have gotten so bad that people are calling for the late-night talk show host to be canceled.

Has he finally taken things too far? Keep scrolling to see the tweet that caused all the outrage.

Now, Kimmel is a legendary television host.

Born in NYC in 1967, he's also a comedian, writer, and producer.

He's obviously best known for his synonymous talk show.

Jimmy Kimmel Live has been running on ABC since 2003!

But that's not all.

Kimmel has hosted the Emmy''s 3 times and the Oscar's twice!

So, you'd think life was pretty sweet for Kimmel, right?

Well, you'd be wrong.

But this man just can't stop putting his foot in his mouth.

And his latest "cancelation" might just be his biggest offence yet.

Now, Kimmel isn't a stranger to controversy.


Last year, he, as well as fellow talk-show host, Jimmy Fallon, found themselves in the crossfire after some old videos resurfaced depicting them both in blackface.

Bad idea.


In all cases, there's no excuse for blackface.

After seeing the video evidence, Kimmel was on the receiving end of intense backlash for his actions.

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While Kimmel is known for his charismatic personality, the move really tainted his character, as well as the trust he built with his fans.

The video evidence was pretty damning...

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In a series of re-emerged clips, Kimmel was seen using the N-word casually as well as being in blackface as he impersonated Snoop Dog. Yeah, it's as bad as it sounds.

And people just couldn't believe what they were seeing...

It was definitely a punch to the gut.

And straight after, he revealed he was "taking a few months off."

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Rather than facing the consequences of his actions, which also includes a mixtape in which he repeatedly used the N-word and was the key creator of humor which involved "racist jokes," he disappeared from the limelight for a little while and then came back onto the scene.

It was something that took a while for a lot of fans to forgive.

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Despite him issuing an apology over the matter, it was hard to win back his credibility because of the way he handled the entire situation.

Especially in contrast with Jimmy Fallon, who faced the outrage head on.

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But now things have gone from bad to worse.

Because his latest actions have caused Kimmel to get canceled ​again.


During Donald Trump's presidency, Kimmel has been pretty vocal about how the former president has been handling things, but especially over the past twelve months.

From criticizing his health insurance policies to taking swipes at his appearance...


It seems as though Kimmel really had a particular distaste for Trump, which a lot of his fans agreed with.

But it's important to remember Kimmel comes from immense privilege.


And one tweet in particular has fans accusing him of being "tone-deaf."

People are not happy with Kimmel.

And it's safe to say they didn't hold back.

Others actually agreed with him...

Here's exactly what he tweeted:

Yikes. People might be right when they say that celebrities are out of touch with reality...

And especially given all the problems that have been plaguing the States, this comment has come at a very difficult time in the country's history.


Let's just hope Kimmel recognizes his own privilege and is thankful for what he's got.

Keep scrolling for another celebrity faux pas...