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It's just a week until we finally find out who's going to be President of the United States for the next four years - but at the minute, nobody has any idea.

Some celebrities have endorsed Trump, others have endorsed Biden, but now Biden's campaign ad with Brad Pitt is being shown during the World Series.

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We're just a matter of days away until the presidential election.

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And celebrities in the US have been endorsing their chosen candidates over the past few weeks.

Now, Brad Pitt has dropped an ad with Biden.

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The campaign so far has been an ugly one with both candidates throwing shade at one another.

The third and final presidential debate has come and gone.

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After months of mounting tensions, Trump and his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden, faced each other for one last time before the election.

The last debate was crucial for both Trump and Biden...

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Because, though Biden has a significant lead in the national polls, the gap between him and Trump is gradually reducing in the battleground states.

However, the evening ran a little differently from the other debates.

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Remember the first presidential debate, wherein Trump and Biden incessantly spoke over and interrupted one another?

It was utterly shambolic, wasn't it?

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And the second debate fared no better.

Following President Trump's coronavirus diagnosis, a virtual debate was pitched...

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But, of course, the president refused point-blank to do this. So, in a historic first, the second debate was canceled and both candidates went on to attend their own town hall events - on different channels, at the exact same time. 

And, in order for the third event to actually take place (and in an orderly manner...)

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The Commission on Presidential Debates has come up with a new rule.

The ninety-minute debate has been divided into fifteen-minute segments...

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And at the start of each new topic, each candidate has 2 minutes of uninterrupted time during which the opponent’s microphone is firmly switched off.

Both campaigns agreed to the new rule...

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And, as has been done before, the moderator will ensure that equal amounts of time are given to both the speakers over the course of the ninety minutes.

Of course, anticipations for this crucial event were high...

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Mainly because this was Trump's last chance to salvage the little reputation he has left

But, almost instantly...

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The president seemed to be struggling with the debates new "no interruptions" rule.

I mean, we all knew this would happen, didn't we?

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Admittedly, Trump has allowed Biden to have his say (though this may be thanks to his muted microphone).

But his face says it all.

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Trump doesn't have the best poker face in the world, and it has been majorly giving away his struggle with silence tonight.

And, of course, people have been quick to point it out online.

Twitter users have been laughing at Trump's "hilarious" attempt at keeping quiet as Biden speaks.

However, there was one aspect of the evening that people haven't found quite so amusing.

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Many Twitter users have been quick to point out Trump's "condescending" and "disrespectful" addresses towards the female moderator, Kristen Walker.

His frustration with the muted mic was evident...

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And, whenever Welker attempts to move onto Biden's moment to speak, Trump's tone was quick to turn icy.

When he doesn't continue to talk over her, he uses a quick, yet sharp "excuse me"...

Which, as you'd imagine, isn't as polite as it's designed to be.

People are not happy...

And they have been quick to take to Twitter to voice their disgust.

Many have even questioned why Welker is allowing this kind of tone to be used against her.

"She needs to shut the liar down!"

And, of course, Biden also had to endure some ridicule from the president...

Despite the no interruptions rule.

Biden turned directly to the camera in order to address the American public at home.

During his allotted time on the segment about national security, he wanted to make sure his words hit home.

“This isn’t about my family or his family. It’s about your family," the former VP said in to the camera.

Barely before Biden could take another breath, Trump managed to speak across him in order to try and mock.

Trump attempted to knock Biden off his stride...

"Just a typical politician when I see that. I'm not a typical politician - that's why I got elected."

Biden then tried to carry on with his statement...

"There's a reason he's bringing up all of this malarkey," he said.

Before the president landed his rather final patronizing blow...

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"Come on Joe, you can do better than that."

Countless celebrities have endorsed their chosen candidates.

From Jennifer Aniston, to The Rock, to Kirstie Alley. Some have endorsed Donald Trump, others Joe Biden. Now, iconic actor, Brad Pitt, has voiced a 60-second campaign ad which aired during the World Series game, claiming Biden will be a President for all Americans and not just those who support him.

Check out the ad below.

In the clip, Pitt says:
America is a place for everyone. Those who chose this country, those who fought for it, some Republicans, some Democrats, and most just somewhere in between.
Footage shows Biden, pre-pandemic shaking hands and high fiving voters, as Pitt talks over the footage.

The ad has completely divided the internet.

Like anything political, many people are claiming the advert brought tears to their eyes, while others absolutely hate it. What do you make of it?