Joe Biden Set To Save 52 Death Row Prisoners | 22 Words

President Biden is reportedly set to scrap the executions of all remaining fifty-two death row prisoners.

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Now, this isn't the first groundbreaking move made by the new president.


Despite only been in office for a mere month, he has hit the ground running with his plans for a Biden-run America.

Here are some of his changes so far:


Just hours after his inauguration, Biden fulfilled one of his major campaign promises by signing an executive order to put the U.S back into the Paris Agreement, the international climate change pact that Trump infamously withdrew from in 2017.

He then clamped down on the country's COVID-19 response.


The president signed an executive order which created the position of COVID-19 response coordinator, who will advise the president and oversee the distribution of vaccines, tests, and other supplies.

An executive order requiring mask-wearing on federal property was also signed.

Next, a bill proposing to more than double the U.S minimum wage was introduced.


If passed, the "Raise the Wage Act" would initially see the current minimum wage of $7.25 an hour increased to $9.50 by 2025.

Following that, increases would gradually happen until the wage reaches $15 in 2025.

A slightly different version of the bill was passed back in 2019, but it was never voted upon in the then Republican controlled Senate.

And as for the country's ongoing racial division?


Well, Biden has already got to work on putting the pieces back together.

The president first signed an executive order to promote racial equity.


His government was ordered to conduct equity assessments of its agencies and reallocate resources to "advance equity for all, including people of color and others who have been historically underserved, marginalized and adversely affected by persistent poverty and inequality."

He then reversed Trump's infamous ban on U.S. entry from majority-Muslim countries.


Biden's proclamation reversed Trump's policy that barred entry to the U.S. for refugees and residents from 7 predominantly Muslim countries, and ordered plans within forty-five days for resuming visa processing.

Then, he brought back the plans for the face of Harriet Tubman to be put on the new $20 bill design.


Now, this would be a huge move for not only Black history, but for all Black people across America.

Among all of these changes, Biden also instructed the Justice Department to not renew contracts with private prisons...


With the aim of ending the use of private prisons for federal use.

The order will see the Justice Department phase out its contracts with privately-operated criminal detention facilities which have been said to contribute to America's mass incarceration problem.

However, his latest move regarding our prison system has divided opinions.


Reports are claiming today that Biden is planning to scrap the upcoming executions of all fifty-two prisoners being held on death row by the U.S Government.

As you will all know, Biden is the first U.S president to openly oppose the death penalty...


While, alternatively, a total of thirteen executions were carried out at Donald Trump's behest during his final year in office.

Campaigners argued that many of those executed over the last year were killed despite suffering from serious mental and physical illnesses...


Which should have rendered the death penalty an unconstitutional punishment.

A total of twenty-eight U.S states still have the death penalty on their individual statute books...


And have continued to carry out executions during the federal government's pause on killing its condemned prisoners.

But, in order to have the death penalty permanently scrapped from federal government statute books...


Biden is going to have to push a bill through Congress that would require support from both Democrats and Republicans.

Quite the challenge, I know.


But, nevertheless, the president is confident in what the future holds.

A statement on Biden's campaign website says he wants "to pass legislation to eliminate the death penalty at the federal level"...


As well as incentivise states to follow the federal government's example.

So, if the new rule is enacted...


It would likely see those fifty-two death row prisoners have their sentences commuted to life behind bars.

He could also order the demolition of the federal government's execution chamber in Terre Haute, Indiana.


Anti-capital punishment activists say the building's destruction would be an important symbolic gesture.

What do you think?


Would it be wise for Biden to abolish the death penalty? Or would it be a step in the wrong direction?