It seems that the president-elect needs to start being a bit more careful if he wants to make it to the White House in one piece!

Read on to find out what happened...

President-elect Joe Biden stole the nation's heart last month when he introduced the future dogs of the White House...

And people just loved the fact that Biden had rescued one of his adorable pups.

But in more recent times...

Our future president has given himself quite the injury after playing with one of his faithful companions.

Now, as you will know, it was Biden's third time running for president this year.

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He previously ran in both 1988 and in 2008, before becoming vice president to Barack Obama.

But, long before reaching one of the highest political offices in the nation, Joe Biden grew up in Scranton, northeast Pennsylvania.

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As per Biography, Biden's father, Joseph Biden Sr., worked cleaning furnaces and as a used car salesman, while his mother was Catherine Eugenia "Jean" Finnegan.

Biden credits his parents with instilling "hard work and perseverance" into him.

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He recalled his father often saying: "Champ, the measure of a man is not how often he is knocked down, but how quickly he gets up."

It wasn't until the late sixties that Biden became active in politics...

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After graduating from law school in 1968, he became a member of the Democrat party before being elected to the New Castle County Council in '70.

In 1972, the Delaware Democratic Party encouraged Biden, who was twenty-nine at the time, to run for the United States Senate.

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Very few people thought he'd get in, but, after a campaign organized mostly by family, Biden won, making him the fifth-youngest U.S. senator elected in the nation's history.

But, just as his political career seemed to be coming together...

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He was struck by a devastating tragedy in his personal life. A week before the Christmas holiday in 1972, Biden's wife and 3 children were involved in a horrific car accident while out shopping for a Christmas tree.

Heartbreakingly, the accident killed his wife and thirteen-month-old daughter...

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And left both of his sons, Beau and Hunter, severely injured. To make things even worse, in 2015, Beau passed away after suffering from a brain tumor.

In spite of the tragedies, Biden decided to continue to represent the people of Delaware in the Senate...

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But opted to take the oath of office from his sons' hospital room, instead of the usual swearing-in ceremony.

From 1973 to 2009, Biden served in the Senate...

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And it wasn't long before his presidential ambitions kicked in.

In 1987, he first decided to run for president...

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Biden had been suffering severe headaches during the campaign, and shortly after he dropped out the following year, doctors discovered that he had 2 life-threatening brain aneurysms.

2 decades after his unsuccessful presidential bid...

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Biden decided to run for president once again. However, despite his experience in the Senate, his campaign failed to gain momentum.

This year marked his third run for president...

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And saw him go head to head with the notorious President Donald Trump.

It was one hell of a run-up to the election.

Of course, the election couldn't have fallen on a worse year, but it powered ahead despite some major setbacks... including Trump's coronavirus diagnosis.

But now, we're at the end of the line...

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And Joe Biden is going to be the next president of the United States - well, that's if Donald Trump's outrageous plan to expose "voter fraud" stays as dormant as it is currently.

Biden has accepted his win graciously...

And the president-elect, along with his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, and his family have been celebrating along with the rest of the country.

And alongside the Biden family are the Biden dogs!

Meet the new presidential pooches - German Shepherds Major and Champ.

Champ has been in the Biden family since 2008...

They bought him as a 3-month-old pup from a breeder, and he was named by Biden's granddaughters, Maisie, Naomi, and Natalie.

Major is a young rescue dog...

And he was adopted by the Bidens from the Delaware Human Association in November 2018.

Both Major and Champ are so adorable...

And people are keen to welcome the country's new first-dogs to the White House!

But it seems that even the president-elect isn't immune from dog-related accidents...

After last week's events!

It has been reported that the seventy-eight-year-old has fractured his foot after playing with Major.

Sky News reports that while Biden is walking with a limp, he thankfully does not require any additional support from a walking aid or plaster.

Biden's injury was revealed during a CT scan in Newark, Delaware, on Sunday afternoon...

And it showed 2, small fractured bones in the middle of his right foot, his doctor Kevin O'Connor said in a statement. "It is anticipated that he will likely require a walking boot for several weeks."

But the most unexpected thing that has come from Biden's injury?

Well, it has been reported that President Donald Trump actually contacted Biden to wish him a speedy recovery. Yes, you read that correctly!

Well, just like President Trump...

We wish Biden a speedy recovery, and we're sure that Major is doing just fine too! Read on for more on the president-elect...