President Joe Biden accidentally revealed a note that says: "Sir, there's something on your chin," during a meeting when he was holding a live-streamed virtual meeting with Vice President Kamala Harris and governors to discuss wildfire prevention.

Biden wiped his chin, removing the substance which some speculated was an egg, from his face. But, in an attempt to be discreet, the POTUS managed to accidentally show the world his sweet note from his staff.

Of course, it didn't take long for the little blunder to viral on Twitter!

"We all need a wingman like that," while another said: "Solid staff work. Incentive reward at next eval," one user wrote.

Some people humorously compared Biden with ex-president Donald Trump too.

"Better the occasional "something on your chin" than the alternative..." someone wrote, featuring a cartoon Donald Trump on the tweet, plastering an orange tone foundation onto his skin.

But people loved Biden's little slip-up, even more so when he tried to dislodge whatever was on his chin so as not to make it too obvious.

In his meeting, on a more serious note, Biden expressed that the increase of wildfires. in the west demands 'urgent action,' as he met with 7 governors, both Republicans and democrats.

"We can't ignore how the overlapping and intertwined factors -- extreme heat, prolonged drought, and supercharged wildfire conditions -- are affecting the country. And so this is a challenge that demands our urgent, urgent action," Biden said during the virtual meeting.

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"Our resources are already being stretched to keep up. We need more help, particularly when we also factor in additional nationwide challenges, the pandemic-related supply chain disruptions, and our ongoing efforts to fight Covid."

Biden and Harris met with Govs. Greg Gianforte of Montana, Jay Inslee of Washington, Gavin Newsom of California, Brad Little of Idaho, Kate Brown of Oregon, Tim Walz of Minnesota, and Mark Gordon of Wyoming, and encouraged everyone to work together to meet challenges they face.

"We're in a for a long fight yet this year and the only way we're going to meet those challenges is by working together. Wildfires are a problem for all of us and we have to stay closely coordinated in doing everything we can for our people," Biden said.

Our hearts go out to all victims of wildfires, and those who've lost loved ones to the tragedies.