Joe Biden’s Memo To Staff About Work-Life Balance Is Something We All Need To Remember

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Joe Biden’s memo to his staff about work has recently re-surfaced and the contents of the letter really left us all impressed. Maybe we could all take a bit of helpful advice from our new President-Elect.

Have a look at the evidence for yourselves…

Joe Biden was ultimately projected to be the forty-sixth president of the United States and just 2 days on from his victory, he has set the tone for a Biden-run America.

And with the holidays getting closer and closer, it’s time that we all take a little bit of Biden’s advice.

The message of the piece gave another well-needed bit of hope to a divided nation. Keep scrolling to check it out. But first, let’s have a quick recap on how we got here…

The Democratic candidate overtook the president by 917 votes in the key, historically-red battleground state.

This was big news, as Trump can’t be re-elected if he doesn’t secure Pennsylvania’s twenty electoral votes.

“Philadelphia has got a rotten history on election integrity,” he tweeted. He even falsely claimed that he had in fact, won the election.

As Biden is now the projected winner of the presidential election after a victory Pennsylvania put him over the 270 electoral votes needed to win.

She will be the first woman to hold the office. She will also be the nation’s first Black and South Asian vice president.

In a lengthy statement, as per Sky News: “We all know why Joe Biden is rushing to falsely pose as the winner, and why his media allies are trying so hard to help him: they don’t want the truth to be exposed. “The simple fact is this election is far from over. Joe Biden has not been certified as the winner of any states, let alone any of the highly contested states headed for mandatory recounts, or states where our campaign has valid and legitimate legal challenges that could determine the ultimate victor. “In Pennsylvania, for example, our legal observers were not permitted meaningful access to watch the counting process.  Legal votes decide who is president, not the news media.”

“Beginning Monday, our campaign will start prosecuting our case in court to ensure election laws are fully upheld and the rightful winner is seated. “The American People are entitled to an honest election: that means counting all legal ballots, and not counting any illegal ballots. This is the only way to ensure the public has full confidence in our election. “It remains shocking that the Biden campaign refuses to agree with this basic principle and wants ballots counted even if they are fraudulent, manufactured, or cast by ineligible or deceased voters. Only a party engaged in wrongdoing would unlawfully keep observers out of the count room – and then fight in court to block their access. “So what is Biden hiding? I will not rest until the American People have the honest vote count they deserve and that Democracy demands.”

He tweeted shortly after the news was announced that he is “honored” America has chosen him as a leader. “America, I’m honored that you have chosen me to lead our great country. The work ahead of us will be hard, but I promise you this: I will be a President for all Americans – whether you voted for me or not.”

In it, he emphasized how America has always been able to push through difficult times, as a unified nation, rather than a deeply divided one. “I pledge to be a president who seeks not to divide, but to unify; who doesn’t see red states and blue states, only sees the United States,” he said.

“It’s time to put away the harsh rhetoric, lower the temperature, see each other again, listen to each other again,” he continued. “And to make progress, we have to stop treating our opponents as enemies.”

“Democrats, Republicans, Independents, progressives, moderates, conservatives, young, old, urban, suburban, rural. Gay, straight, transgender, White, Latino, Asian, Native American. Especially at those moments when this campaign was at its lowest… the African American community stood up again for me. You always had my back. Now, I’ll have yours.”

But of course, a lot of people wanted more proof that this new president would live up to his word.

This letter was dug up from 2014, and at the time, had been sent to all of his members of staff.

The note urges staff to take time off around Thanksgiving and to enjoy their time away from work, making sure that they didn’t miss out on any precious family moments.

Barker also outlined some possible reasons that Biden felt so passionately about his employees. “I presume in the background, thoughts of his first wife & daughter who died long ago; or his son, who died of cancer just a few months after this note,” he wrote.

“To my Wonderful Staff. “I would like to take a moment and make something clear to everyone. I do not expect nor do I want any of you to miss or sacrifice important family obligations for work.”

“Family obligations include but are not limited to family birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, any religious ceremonies such as first communions and bar mitzvahs, graduations, and times of need such as illness or a loss in the family.”

“This is very important to me. In fact, I will go so far as to say that if I find out that you are working with me while missing important family responsibilities, it will disappoint me greatly. “This has been an unwritten rule since my days in the senate.”

The election wasn’t just filled with tears of sadness, it was also filled with tears of joy thanks to all the memes. Keep scrolling to have a look at some of the best ones…