Joe Rogan has been mocked after he claimed on his podcast that "woke" culture is going too far and will soon silence people...

Joe Rogan is in trouble.

The podcast host has been ruffling a lot of feathers recently and this week, it's gotten worse...

Joe Rogan certainly has a colorful career.

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Though he initially started as a stand-up comedian, Joe found his fame from becoming an MMA interviewer and commentator and went on to win the World MMA Awards' Personality of the Year, 6 times.

But most of you will be more familiar with his podcast series...

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The Joe Rogan Experience.  The JRE has since grown to become one of the world's most successful podcasts, with it receiving millions of listeners and viewers for every episode.

Joe's podcasts touch upon an array of topics...

And reel in a variety of different guests, ranging from actors, musicians, political figures, sportsmen, authors, and beyond.

Joe does, however, tend to avoid the more traditional interviewing methods, and instead opts for more lengthy, yet casual and relaxed conversations.

And his podcasts never fail to get people talking.

We all remember that Elon Musk interview...

Come on. You know the one. When, mid-interview, Elon casually lit a joint and puffed away on it like there was no tomorrow? Ring any bells?

Aside from smoking pot with his guests...

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Joe has been known to dabble in a little politics from time to time. From business tycoons to presidential candidates, you can guarantee that Joe's has had them on his show.

Joe became a top-trending Twitter topic after Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders appeared on his podcast.

We all know that Joe is a man who believes in free speech...

And it is shown in his podcasts. His lack of confrontation and overall, interested attitude suggests that he could potentially make an excellent interviewer and host more political debates and interviews in the future.

He has given us some classic interviews over the years...

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His episode with boxing legend Mike Tyson is easily one of his highlights.

But despite his huge success...

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Joe hasn't been viewed in a great light recently.

First, came his comments on the COVID vaccine...


Speaking on a recent episode, he claimed "for the most part it's safe to get vaccinated."

""But if you're like 21 years old, and you say to me, 'Should I get vaccinated?'"

The JRE via YouTube

"I'll go no."

And now, it's for his recent comments on "woke" culture.


Chatting on his podcast with his guest and stand-up comedian Joe List, Rogan claimed 'straight white men' will be silenced if 'woke' culture goes too far.

And people have a lot to say about it...

Last week, Rogan spoke with List about the evolving boundaries of what is acceptable in comedy.

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During which, he asked: "Can you make a good comedy movie anymore, or have they made it so dangerous in terms of being canceled that comedy movies are no longer something you can do?"

"You can never be woke enough, that's the problem," he continued.

"It keeps going further and further and further down the line, and if you get to the point where you capitulate, where you agree to all these demands, it'll eventually get to straight white men are not allowed to talk.

"Because it's your privilege to express yourself when other people of colour have been silenced throughout history."

Continuing his rant, Rogan added that we would soon reach the point where straight white men would eventually no longer be "allowed to go outside."

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"It will be, you're not allowed to go outside," he said. "Because so many people were imprisoned for so many years - I'm not joking, it really will get there. It's that crazy."

"We just gotta be nice to each other, man. And there's a lot of people that are taking advantage of this weirdness in our culture, and then that becomes their thing."

"Their thing is calling people out for their privilege, calling people out for their position. You know, so, it's f***ing crazy times."

You can listen to his comments here.

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