Joe Rogan is known for landing some of the most amazing podcast guests on his incredibly popular show, The Joe Rogan Experience. But his most recent might be his best yet. This week's episode contains an incredible interview with infamous whistleblower Edward Snowden, and it's just as epic as you'd expect.

And needless to say, the internet has gone wild for what seems like the ultimate online crossover. Here are the very best of Twitter's reactions to the amazing interview.

Joe Rogan certainly has a colorful career.

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Though he initially started as a stand-up comedian, Rogan found his fame from becoming an MMA interviewer and commentator and went on to win the World MMA Awards' Personality of the Year, 6 times.

But most of you will be more familiar with his podcast series...

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The Joe Rogan Experience.  Launched in 2009, The Joe Rogan Experience is an online audio and video podcast that interviews a vast array of different celebrities and political figures. The JRE has since grown to become one of the world's most successful podcasts, with it receiving millions of listeners and viewers for every episode.

Rogan's podcasts touch upon an array of topics...

And reel in a variety of different guests, ranging from actors, musicians, political figures, sportsmen, authors, and beyond. Rogan does, however, tend to avoid the more traditional interviewing methods, and instead opts for more lengthy, yet casual and relaxed conversations.

And his podcasts never fail to get people talking.

We all remember that Elon Musk interview... Come on. You know the one. When, mid-interview, Elon casually lit a joint and puffed away on it like there was no tomorrow? Ring any bells?

Aside from smoking pot with his guests...

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Rogan has been known to dabble in a little politics from time to time. From business tycoons to presidential candidates, you can guarantee that Joe's has had them on his show. Last month, Rogan became a top-trending Twitter topic after Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders appeared on his podcast.

Rogan was widely praised for the interview.

Despite the overall shock of Sanders' presence on the podcast, many people were quick to praise the commentator for hosting such a pragmatic and informative discussion with the candidate.

Joe Rogan believes in free speech.

And it is shown in his podcasts. His lack of confrontation and overall, interested attitude suggests that he could potentially make an excellent interviewer and host more political debates and interviews in the future.

But this week's guest may be Rogan's best yet.

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He landed the incredibly famous whistleblower Edward Snowden for his podcast interview. And seeing these two interact seems to be what the whole internet has been waiting for.

Snowden famously leaked private info back in 2013.

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He copied information from the National Security Agency that basically proved the government is watching our every move. But you didn't hear it from us.

Rogan is a massive proponent of being skeptical of everything.

This meant that Rogan and Snowden are essentially an interview match made in heaven - and the internet was understandably excited about it.

Many wanted to drop anything.

Hey, it's not every day (or any day, in fact) that we get exclusive Edward Snowden content.

Many had questions.

Like, how had Rogan managed to get Snowden to agree to this?

It is pretty impressive.

Rogan is really proving that there's seemingly no one he can't get on as a Joe Rogan Experience guest.

Snowden hasn't been heard from in a while.

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Which is what made his appearance on Rogan's podcast all the more surprising - and exciting.

While others pointed this out...

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It seems almost everyone out there is angling for a spot on Rogan's podcast - but it's clear he's not here to mess around.

Others noticed this.

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Joe Rogan and Edward Snowden are basically two of the biggest figures online. Seeing them in one place was basically the most internetty thing ever.

But some made this joke.

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Those who follow Edward Snowden don't tend to be the same kind of people who listen to the Joe Rogan podcasts - leading to some pretty funny scenarios to be imagined.

And it seems the Rogan audience was receptive.

With many learning for the first time that our technology has the potential to hurt us.

The irony wasn't lost on some.

We have to listen to Joe Rogan using our technology - even though it's telling us not to trust technology.

And some aren't taking any chances.

After listening, one fan shared a video of him unplugging his (no longer trustworthy) Alexa.

However, there was a serious side to the interview.

It was as jarring as you'd expect from Snowden - with many pointing out quite how scary what Snowden was saying actually was.

Some think it should be compulsory listening.

Even if you don't totally believe everything Snowden says, it's well worth trying to expand your mind a little, and think deeper about our technological habits.

Some made this simple point.

In terms of contributions to media this year, he's set a high bar, that's for sure.

Although there have also been many, many jokes.

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Like this amazing Onion headline.

Overall, a great bit of internet content.

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