People Are Buying Bacon, Ranch, and Sweet Corn Soda as a Joke Gift and They Have Not Been Disappointed

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Sometimes, something is so truly disgusting it needs to be purchased and tried to be believed. Such is the case with these joke sodas that are going viral on Amazon – and the reviews speak for themselves …

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These are sodas like no other.

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The 6 pack contains some of the most bizarre flavors we’ve ever heard.

They’re not designed to be enjoyed.

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Rather, they’re to be endured. Thanks to the rather unusual taste, people have been buying them as joke gifts to prank their loved ones.

They’re made in the USA with 100 percent cane sugar, and each bottle contains 170 calories.

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Not that you’re likely to finish one.

The products have over 250 5-star reviews.

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“Purchased for Christmas Gift. Shipping was scary fast, and it’s everything it’s intended to be. If you want something that tastes good and is easy to swallow, don’t buy this. This stuff is meant to turn people’s faces sideways and their worlds upside down. Great gag gift! 10/10 would buy again,” wrote one reviewer.

“I bought these for my nephew after reading reviews and about the product. I figured they would taste interesting and definitely disgusting and boy did they deliver! I was told my sister almost vomited by just SMELLING the corn flavored one 🙂 which caused my niece and nephew to have uproarious laughter. If they had other flavors I would buy them for sure. I would say if you are fully prepared in knowing they are horrible and also have a great sense of humor then buy them! They are memory makers!” another satisfied customer confirmed.

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Tempted? Get your own set right here…