Jon Stewart’s Stunning 12-Acre Farm Is Now a Safe Haven for Abused Animals

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If you aren’t already aware, Jon Stewart is an absolute legend, lighting the hearts of those around him with his comedy, writing, directing, producing, and acting.


And now, he’s stunned his fans with his heart-warming generosity…

He has given his stunning twelve-acre farm up to abused animals, showing them what real love feels like with his wife Tracey, who is an animal advocate, and an author. In fact, she even has a book called Do Unto Animals showing you how to make life better for animals, too.


These animals must really think they’ve died and gone to heaven…

And you would think that with an unlimited amount of love, food, and belly tickles, wouldn’t you? That’s all any of us want, let’s be honest.

But, how did it begin? Jon and his wife started running Bufflehead Farm in New Jersey back in 2013, and they intended to turn it into a sanctuary for animals at some point.


And their plans have not changed on that front, making their farm the place for all of that loving to happen.

Making an announcement at a Gala event for the non-profit organization, Tracey said: “We bought a farm in New Jersey with the intention of starting a farm sanctuary of our own with an educational center, but what I’m announcing tonight is that our farm is actually going to be the New Jersey branch of Farm Sanctuary. We’re going to build new advocates, new curious learners, and new leaders for this very important movement.”


And in an interview with CBS This Morning, Jon actually revealed that before he met Tracey, he was “angry” at animals.

“I was so angry at animals before I met Tracey,” he shared jokingly.

Can you imagine that? Tracey really impacted just how much he loves animals today, and, she actually ended a relationship before Jon, after realizing that her ex didn’t have the same care for animals that she did.

“I did not say bye-bye until I finally adopted my first dog Enzo, and he left the front door open, and the dog ran out into the street. Now, the dog did not get hit, but at that moment I realized that it was time to go,” she said in the interview.


We’re just so happy that there are people as generous as Jon and Tracey out there.

And we can’t wait to see more animal-loving updates. If you want to see more in the meantime, head to Tracey’s Instagram.