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Journalist Makes History Becoming First Person With Maori Face Tattoo To Present News

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A journalist has made history after becoming the first person with a traditional Maori face tattoo to present the news.

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History has just been made.

A newsreader in New Zealand has become the first person with a Maori face tattoo to present prime-time news.

Oriini Kaipara read the news bulletin at 6.00pm yesterday.

The proud Maori, Kaipara, was asked to fill in for usual hosts Sam Hayes and Mike McRoberts, making history in the process.

The 37-year-old’s tattoo is called a moko kauae.

The tattoo is traditionally worn by Maori women and Kaipara says it has been her lifelong dream to present the news wearing it and wearing it proud.

The newsreader got the tattoo in 2017 after discovering she was 100% Māori via a DNA test.

Stuff reports that Kaipara said:

“I’m not speechless, but it’s a buzz. I am proud of how far I’ve come in being able to anchor 6.00pm right now. It’s definitely a step forward, and a step-up. If there was a goal for me, it would be anchoring prime time news, and that’s happened.”


This is a huge step in the right direction.