A federal judge has denied the latest attempt to take the self-styled "Q Shaman" from a Colorado jail ahead of his trial on Tuesday.

Jacob Chansley, who gained notoriety by infamously wearing a headdress with fur and horns during the January 6th Capitol riot, faces 6 charges stemming from the insurrection.

He was caught on a video saying: "If they do not do what they are supposed to do, we will remove them from office, one way or another."

"He won the f**king day, he f**king won," he then said in reference to former POTUS Donald Trump.


Al Watkins, his attorney, argued on June 30th that Chansley should be released due to evidence showing that the "spear" he brought to the Capitol was actually a flagpole with a "finial" zip-tied to the top and that it posed no danger to anyone.

Watkins then argued that he could be released to his mother's home in Arizona or to a "secure location" in St. Louis where he could keep track of him.

However, District Judge Royce Lamberth wasn't persuaded by either argument, ruling that his attorney hadn't persuaded him that Chansley wasn't dangerous or didn't pose a risk of fleeing and had provided no details on the so-called secure location in St. Louis.

He was arrested for violent entry and disorderly conduct on January 6th.

The judge had previously rejected Chansley's mother as a custodian, given that she told 60 Minutes that he had done nothing wrong: "He walked through open doors, he was escorted into the senate, so I don't know what's wrong with that. I know that he's sorry but again, it all comes back to... he walked through open doors."

When asked if she believed the process of rioting the Capitol was "bad", she responded by saying: "The process of being able to go and exercise your right to free speech and to stand up for what you believe is right."

In a statement, Lamberth wrote: "After Chansley's first detention hearing, the Court found by clear and convincing evidence that no conditions of release could reasonably assure the safety of the community."

Chansley has been detained at a federal facility in Colorado where he will be evaluated for his mental fitness to stand trial.

During the June 30th hearing, Wattkins called Chansley "a man who needs some attention that he is not able to get."

Do you think Chansley deserves to be released from prison? Or do you think he should serve the time for his actions?