One thing everyone always says is "life is never fair," and that reigns true for this story in particular.

Yesterday, we received the unfortunate news that singer and rapper Juice Wrld had passed away.

But the weirdest thing about the entire situation is that he predicted his death on more than one occasion... Is it just a coincidence? Keep scrolling to see the haunting words that left fans questioning his entire existence.

It makes it all so much harder for fans to come to terms with the unfortunate news...

For those of you that don't know, this is Juice Wrld.

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An American singer and rapper. Born in Chicago, Illinois, he grew up with a conservative and religious mom who forbade him from listening to hip-hop.

And as any teenager would do, he rebelled against it.

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He started rapping in high school and ended up promoting his music on streaming platform SoundCloud, where he gained a fanbase.

He took things to another level in 2017.

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He released his full debut EP, 999 which propelled him to the status of "rising star" and it was just onwards and upwards from there.

However, he solidified his fame with the release of "Lucid Dreams."

In 2018, the rapper decided to release the track that hit the number 2 spot on the official Billboard Hot 100 chart. This garnered attention from music labels and agents.

He decided to sign with Interscope Records, who gave him a deal worth 3 million dollars.

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And that year only got better for Juice Wrld as the release of his second album Death Race for Love? saw him at the top of the charts.

Fans adored him as his music revolved around topics such as mental health.

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Mental health, mortality and drug use were common themes in his music, and this led him to grab the attention of the youth. His music became an outlet for them and he was quickly branded the "artist of the generation."

So when the news about his death hit social media, it erupted with messages for the rising star.

Earlier this year, he won the award for "Top New Artist" beating the likes of Dua Lipa and Ella Mai.

Fans are really shaken by the news of his death.

"I don't deserve this life," one fan wrote. They have clearly been affected by the news.

Fans have even come together to mourn.

The hashtag "#blackforjuicewrld" has been trending on social media as fans have united to mourn the death of their beloved singer.

Even famous faces, such as Camila Cabello and Chance The Rapper have posted about their heartbreak.

He truly was a magnificent artist.

His record company has described him as an "exceptional human being."

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Interscope Geffen A&M Records said he "made a profound impact on the world in such a short period of time." Those are just the facts because his music took over a massive portion of the world.

Chicago police told the BBC that a young man had suffered a "medical emergency."

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At around 02:00 local time (08:00 GMT), the incident took a turn for the worst and Juice Wrld was taken to hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Fans now think he knew he was going to die because of certain clues...

It's too early to be thinking about theories, but to Juice Wrld's most loyal followers, they have started piecing things together, eventually coming to the conclusion that the late singer knew he was going to die aged twenty-one. On 3 separate occasions, he has left clues that have lead to this moment.

1. It all starts with his song "Legends."

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In one of his most famous tracks dedicated to 2 other rappers who have recently died, twenty-year-old "XXXTentacion" and twenty-one-year-old Lil Peep, he rapped these lyrics: "What's the 27 Club? We ain't making it past twenty-one. I been going through paranoia..."

Is it just a coincidence? I think not.

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Only last week did Juice tweet about his twenty-first birthday and how it was "one of his best [birthdays]" yet.

2. Secondly, we have this tweet from last week.

Just a day before his birthday, he tweeted this strange tweet. It almost sounds as if he's rounding his life off with an overall quote.

Have a look for yourselves:

He tweeted a supposed quote about himself: "This life is yours do what tf you want do great things and change the world don’t let no one tell you s**t.. and you'll be bigger than “juice wrld" will ever be, and he’s going down as a legend - Jarad."

3. And the third clue involves another previous tweet.

When he first started out in the industry, he tweeted this one tweet that no one can get out of their heads.

He tweeted saying he was going to "fake his death."

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"My goal is to get overly famous, shine for a couple years..then fake my death." Now people are questioning if this is really true. Did he fake his death?

However, Chicago police did in fact, confirm his death.

RIP to Juice Wrld, you will be missed.