Julia Stiles Posted the First Picture of Her Adorable New Baby, and Then the Internet Pounced

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Becoming a mom is an amazing experience, but also a job with a steep learning curve. Millions of women look forward to the joys of holding their firstborn and marveling at how beautiful he or she is, at the same time knowing that they’ve got a few new skills to learn.

And because the duties of a new mom are many and sometimes difficult, unsolicited criticism is anything but helpful.

Actress Julia Stiles recently welcomed her first baby into the world, and one look at her is enough to clue anyone in that she’s over the moon about it. Unfortunately, when you’re a celebrity, everyone’s got an opinion about your child-rearing skills, and an Instagram post proved that Mama Stiles isn’t immune to the peanut gallery.

After nine months of waiting, bravely heading to the hospital and going through the birth experience is a huge right of passage for any woman. It takes courage, determination, and possibly some drugs, but when new moms come out the other side of it with their bundles of beautiful baby joy, they feel like rock stars who can take on the world.

When it comes to snuggling, newborn babies have everyone beat. With the toddler years a little ways down the road, a new mom is free to soak up the many ups of bringing home a tiny person. Rocking a new baby, while he or she sleeps, is one of the world’s most relaxing activities. Dressing them up in tiny clothes is also tons of fun. And when people talk about “new baby smell” being addictive, well, they’re not joking.

New baby duty is serious business and comes with a learning curve for most moms. (Sure there’s probably someone out there who figured it all out, right off the bat, but we haven’t met her yet.) Working out diapering, breastfeeding, sleep schedules, and everything in between keeps new moms on their toes and hoping for a nap. Like anything worth doing in life, it’s tough, but moms are tougher, and getting down a fresh skill set becomes priority.

When a new baby arrives on the scene, it’s normal for people to want to help. And it’s normal for family, friends, and co-workers make meals and bring presents to ease some of the initial stress of adjusting to a fresh and foreign baby schedule. What isn’t helpful is when others start judging rookie parents, especially moms trying to adjust, about the way they’re figuring things out.

Social media invites its own special brand of criticism. For regular people, posting a picture or status update can invite strong opinions from friends and family. But when it comes to celebrities, these opinions, often extremely harsh ones, come in droves. It could be because the rich and famous aren’t viewed as every day individuals, but whatever the reason, stars and starlets rake in a lot of negative attention along with the good. This extends into the realm of parenting…

After being in show business for roughly twenty-four years, Julia Stiles is as recognizable as it gets. Made famous by teen cult classics like 10 Things I Hate About You, Stiles has built a solid following and loyal fan base. But her latest adventure wasn’t a new movie about adolescent angst, instead, she started the exciting journey of being a new mom, when she welcomed son, Strummer, into the world in October. She also, unknowingly, welcomed a pack of parenting advice.

It’s a simple but exciting event for every new mom, the day a newborn is carefully tucked inside a baby carrier or set up for a maiden voyage in a new stroller. Stiles was no different than any rookie parent when she packed up her baby boy in a Tula baby carrier, took an adorable picture, and shared it with her followers on Instagram.

Unknowingly, by posting a picture of her doing really anything with her baby, Stiles dipped her toe into the tumultuous waters of online parenting. It’s a jungle out there, and according to which group you ask, no one’s doing this raising kids thing right. Many fans on the celeb’s follow list had positive things to say, but there were also a few who couldn’t help point out that she was doing it all wrong.

The source of the hub bub was Stile’s use of the Tula baby carrier. One of many options for moms who want to start baby-wearing, the Tula positions newborns and larger infants on the front of a parent. Unfortunately, Stiles’ followers weren’t content to let her post her pic and be on their merry way.

Though the picture of Stiles and her sweet baby looked like all that’s right with a happy new mom, Instagram followers were quick to point out that the positioning of the baby’s legs seemed to be off. Comments like, “Feet should never be in the waist band,” and, “Congrats! Babies little feet should be out in the Free to Grow,” popped up right away.

Thankfully, seasoned moms chimed in and offered the comforting information that the particular carrier that Stiles was rocking is totally safe to carry a baby tucked in. We’re not sure if the new mom took any of the comments to heart (or had the energy to read them), but if her smiling face and beautiful baby are any indication, she’s going to do just fine at this mom thing.