Jury Hears What Kyle Rittenhouse Said Moments After Shooting Two People Dead

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New information into the Kyle Rittenhouse trial has been revealed today as the jury heard what the teen said after the fatal shooting…

Two witnesses were brought to the stand…

And both revealed what Rittenhouse said after taking those fatal shots.

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The Rittenhouse trial began on Tuesday November 2, with opening statements from prosecutors and defense attorneys…

Both were eager to share opposing information on what happened last August.

Rittenhouse, who was seventeen at the time of the Kenosha unrest shooting, was accused of killing 2 men and severly injuring another…

Rittenhouse was armed with a rifle when he took to the streets amid a protest following the shooting of Jacob Blake by police, on August 25th, 2020.

He took the lives of thirty-six-year-old Joseph Rosenbaum, and twenty-six-year-old Anthony Huber, who reportedly tackled Rittenhouse to the ground in an attempt to “wrestle his rifle away.”

He also wounded twenty-seven-year-old Gaige Grosskreutz by shooting at him and severing his bicep.

Rittenhouse was taken into custody after turning himself in to the authorities the following day, and is now facing 2 homicide counts and 1 count of attempted homicide.

He also faces charges for reckless endangering and illegal possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under eighteen.

Rittenhouse’s case has gained a large online following from both right and left wing political circles…

With the far-right branding him a “hero,” while others condemn his actions, calling him a “vigilante.”

However, recent photo’s snapped of him in court show he seems pretty relaxed about the whole thing…

Rittenhouse could be seen yawning multiple times throughout his trial in Wisconsin, where if he’s convicted will lead to him spending life behind bars.

The teen let out a few yawns at the start of the trial on Tuesday, when lawyers were giving their opening statements…

And then again when jurors entered the courtroom. He just couldn’t seem to stay awake throughout any of the hearing.

During the teen’s yawning session, the attorney for Rittenhouse, Mark Richards, claimed he was acting in self defense…

Bringing attention to an interview Rittenhouse made with The Daily Caller on the night of the shooting.

“If someone is hurt, I’m running into harm’s way. That’s why I have my rifle; I’ve gotta protect myself, obviously…”

“But I also have my med kit,” Rittenhouse could be heard saying before he shot and killed 2 people.

According to Richards, the victims “attacked him in the street like an animal…”

[He] protected himself, protected his firearm so it couldn’t be taken and used against him or other people from Mr. Rosenbaum, who made threats to kill.”

As per The Independent, Richards went on to describe him as a “scared kid who protected himself from a mob.”

And that didn’t go down well with some…

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However, assistant district attorney, Thomas Binger, argued:

“Out of these hundreds of people, only 1 person killed anyone that night. Only 1 person shot anyone that night,” talking about Rittenhouse.

He also went on to describe him as a “tourist outside of our community,” who travelled to Kenosha because he was “drawn to the chaos.”

And now, the jury has heard a new detail in the case…

As per the Daily Mail, after firing shots that killed 2 and ingured a third, he was seen “shaking, sweating and pale” as he stammered the words “my God my life might be over.”

JoAnn Fiedler, a member of United Citizens for Patriotism, gave her testimony in defense of Rittenhouse on Tuesday, revealing that he had “fallen into her” after she let him into the Car Source business that she was allegedly protecting during the protest with others.

Fiedler went on to say that she had seen Joseph Rosenbaum, one of Ritten house’s victims, earlier in the night threatening to “kill all you mother-fu**ers” and “cut out your hearts.”

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She also said that he appeared to throw what she believed to be a chemical bomb. “His arm went up and he threw something and within seconds my eyes started watering,” Fiedler revealed.

After shooting Huber, Rosenbaum and Grosskreutz, Fiedler said Rittenhouse had come stumbing into the store announcing that he “shot someone” and that he “had to do it.”

The first witness Nicholas Smith also recalled seeing Rittenhouse directly after the shootings.

He said, “He was sweating and pale and saying over and over, ‘I shot someone,’ and I believe at some point he did say, ‘I had to shoot someone.'”

He recalled telling Rittenhouse to turn himself in to the police, explaining it was the “safest” option.

The investigation continues…