Just 30 Awesome Things Under $25 I Love on Amazon

Like most people, I have a somewhat lengthy Amazon wishlist filled with things I’d like to buy whenever I get a little extra cash. They’re not necessarily things I need; just things I think it’d be cool to own at some point in my life. And, of course, they range in value from things that cost a couple dollars to more expensive investments. The best part about shopping on Amazon is that I can easily add things from my wishlist directly to my cart, checkout in seconds, and have the stuff delivered right to my door in a matter of days.

There are a zillion amazing finds on Amazon, but I’ve compiled a few of my (and a friend’s) favorite things on Amazon, all for less than 25 bucks. Next time you have a little extra spending money, you might want to get one for yourself. Or get a few of ’em!

Editorial Note: We review everything independently. If you make a purchase through our links, we may earn a commission.

Always Be Prepared With This Mini Pocket Blanket

  via Amazon  

This tiny little pouch holds an entire water- and puncture-resistant blanket that’s perfect for picnics, hiking, or keeping in your car for emergencies. You can never have too many blankets on hand, and since this one folds up to about the size of a matchbox, it’s not like you even have to prepare a space for it. Just hook it onto your keychain or backpack and take it everywhere!


Get Crafty With This Edison Light

  via Amazon  

I always see these cute DIY sconces on Pinterest and want to make my own, but can never find a proper light to use. This Edison light comes in several different shapes and colors, and they all can be plugged right into the wall, just like I wanted. With a 65-inch cord, you can hang them pretty much anywhere and transform your space into something even cozier.


Blow Off Some Steam With This Pen Holder

  via Amazon  

Work can be stressful! Sometimes you need to blow off steam but you’re stuck at your desk and can’t really get away with screaming at the top of your lungs. Instead of stabbing your coworkers, just stab this guy! He’s made from silicone rubber (so he won’t slip off your desk or table) and doubles as a pen holder. Think of all that stress you’ll finally be able to relieve!

This Portable Speaker Is Small And Classy

  via Amazon  

I believe technology should be functional and beautiful and these classy portable speakers really nail that concept. They’re small enough to carry around or place in your purse or backpack, plus they’re sleek enough to fit in anywhere. With over 14 hours battery life and 100+ foot range, it’s no wonder that these little puppies have over 35,000 (that’s thousand, with a T) reviews on Amazon.

This Inflatable Pretzel Makes Every Pool Day Perfect

  via Amazon  

Pink flamingos are so overrated. Real pool parties need pretzels, preferably of the inflatable variety (although you should definitely have some edible ones around, too). You could easily fit a third, pretzel-loving friend in there. Then the three of you could just lounge around in pretzel-loving bliss together. Doesn’t that sound lovely?

This Maxi Dress Has Pockets, Need I Say More?

  via Amazon  

Every woman knows a dress with pockets is priceless, but this maxi dress with pockets is only $13.99. Miracles do happen, people. It comes in three elegant colors and would work both at the office and at more formal occasions like dinner parties. Seriously though, what’s a girl gotta do to get some pockets around here? We can all agree that there should be pockets on pretty much everything, right?

Flip This Miracle Timer To Start The Countdown

  via Amazon  

I know there’s a timer in my phone but I still find it inconvenient and really don’t like using it every time I try to time an activity. All you have to do to use this miracle timer is flip it so the correct number of minutes is at the top of the cube and voila! It starts counting down like magic. This is a great tool to use to stay focused on the task at hand, and it’s so easy to set that you’d be kinda silly not to get one.

This Gorgeous Wilderness Print Is Handmade

  via Amazon  

Who knew you could score beautiful, handmade art like this wilderness print on Amazon? Whether you’re a huge fan of the great outdoors and hiking, or you prefer to stay in and just look at pictures of said great outdoors, this piece of art could work in pretty much any home. It comes as an 8″ by 10″ print and would look super classy in a matted frame or simply hung straight on the wall.

This Unicorn Wine Holder Is So Magical

The world needs more drunk unicorns, OK? This majestic creature displays your finest bottle of wine, or (let’s be honest here) whatever you picked up at the store for two bucks. Either way, this unicorn wine holder will make it look fancy. And don’t worry — while it may look like that unicorn is taking all your wine, it won’t actually drink it all up. It’s classy and good at sharing! What more could you want?

Send These Literary Postcards Or Keep Them For Yourself

  via Amazon  

These literary postcards have been on my mind for awhile. They’re perfect because you can send them to friends, or you can just hang them on your walls and use them as beautiful, nerdy art. Luckily, this box of 100 cards has two copies of each of the 50 stunning designs, so I could easily do both! Each one features an elegant black-and-white minimalistic design along with a poignant quote from some of the greatest literature of all time.

Show Your Succulents Some Love With These Hexagonal Planters

  via Amazon / RMac  

I attempted to propagate some succulents and now I think I’m the succulent queen and will rule my queendom with these lovely hexagonal planters. They have a drainage hole at the bottom which makes them perfect for succulents. They look super classy lined up on a windowsill (as shown here), but would also be great individually if you wanted to put them all around your house or even share one with a friend.

Add Some Whimsy To Your Decor With These Cute AF Cactus Candles

  via Amazon  

I don’t know when cacti got so trendy but I hope it never stops because these tiny cactus candles are the cutest. They come in a pack of six and are the size of standard tealights. For less than 8 bucks, you can make your next party about 88 percent more adorable. I’d say that’s definitely worth the investment.

Finally, A Travel Mug That’s Actually Stylish

  via Amazon  

This sleek, stainless steel travel mug comes in four different colors and keeps beverages hot for five hours or cold for 10. I love the cork coaster base — not only does it look very modern and sleek; it also protects whatever surface you place your drink on. There’s a slight variation in price between the four different colors, but they’re all less than $18. I’m leaning toward either the coral or teal…

This Elephant Ring Holder Is Exactly What I Needed

  via Amazon  

This elephant ring holder is the pretty and practical way to store rings that I have been desperately needing and now it’s my new best friend. I try to take my rings off whenever I shower or do the dishes, but I don’t always have the perfect place to keep them, and I’d hate to lose track of them or accidentally knock them into the sink! This little guy can easily hold them for me until I’m ready to wear them again.

These Agate Coasters Are Super Glam

  via Amazon  

Being a grownup can be super hard, but I’m convinced faking a glamorous lifestyle and treating yourself to small, beautiful things like these agate coasters can actually improve your mood. Or so I tell myself. Each coaster is slightly different, but they’ll all protect your coffee table from water stains. They also come with rubber bumpers that you can attach to prevent scratches. They’ve really thought of everything.

Chill Out With This Moon Lamp

This moon lamp is just the most calming, serene-looking piece of decor. It’s battery operated so you can put it anywhere. It’s also touch-sensitive and has two color modes so you can choose between a warm or cool glow. Flawless. It’s almost as magical as having the actual moon in your bedroom, only it won’t mess up the tides or leave a bunch of dust all over the place.

This Bamboo Mouse Is Sleek And Stylish

  via Amazon  

Well-designed desk accessories make working more enjoyable and this bamboo mouse definitely checks that box. You deserve this. There are plenty of wireless mice out there that do the job without looking classy at all — in fact, I’m using one at this very moment. It might be time to upgrade to something a bit more stylish and eco-friendly.

This Hanging Shelf Is Perfect For That Weird Empty Corner

  via Amazon  

Hang this pretty hanging shelf in any awkward, empty spot in your home, fill it with plants, and instantly look like a decorating guru. It’s that easy! You could also stack some books on it or hang it next to a chair in order to create a makeshift side table. The possibilities are pretty much endless, and the style is undeniable.

This Peel Off Lip Stain Is Gorgeous And Weirdly Satisfying

You’ve seen those videos of people peeling off their lip stain to reveal the color has been left behind, right? This lip stain kit comes with six vibrant colors that won’t dry out your lips. Plus you get to peel it off after applying which you know sounds like fun. The color even lasts through a full day of regular drinking and eating so you won’t have to worry about touch up or checking your teeth for wandering color.

Organize Everything With The Best Travel Wallet Ever

  via Amazon  

My friend ordered this travel wallet in two colors and then spent our girl’s night telling and showing me how great and organized it is and how you can fit your passport and boarding ticket and your phone inside. I’m convinced. It comes in a bunch of different colors so you’re sure to find something that fits your personal style. And? The whole thing is made with RFID-blocking fabric, making it ultra secure.

Treat Yourself With This Ice Cream Sandwich Maker

  via Amazon  

We can all agree that ice cream sandwiches are not only the best sandwich but also one of the best treats ever, right? Right. Treat yourself to the ultimate summertime dessert with this ice cream sandwich maker. That’s right. You can make your own ice cream sandwiches. This changes everything. It comes with a mix but works with regular brownie mix as well.

Take This Foldable Keyboard With You Anywhere

  via Amazon  

This foldable keyboard is like no other keyboard you’ve seen before. It’s lightweight, waterproof, and portable — you can easily roll it up and stick it in your purse, backpack, or even your back pocket in order to take the convenience of a full keyboard with you wherever you go. It’s also dustproof for super easy cleaning. Basically everything you didn’t even realize you wanted from a keyboard!

Why Did No One Think Of This Flask Water Bottle Before?

  via Amazon  

All our lives we were led to believe water bottles had to be round, and then this rectangular version came along and changed everything. This flask water bottle fits conveniently in your purse or backpack and looks pretty cool too. Now you can stay hydrated without having to hold a water bottle all day, and without your water taking up an inordinate amount of space in your bag.

Get The Perfect Cat Eye Every Time With This Eyeliner Stamp

If you claim to be able to do the perfect cat eye every time, you’re either lying or you’re some kind of magician and I need you to come to my house every morning to help me. Or, I could get this eyeliner stamp. It’s a foolproof way to get the perfect cat eye every single time. The set comes with two pens, one for each eye, each with a stamp on one end and an eyeliner pencil on the other.

These Anti-Chafing Bands Will Save Your Summer

  via Amazon  

Summer is a magical gem of a season except for the thigh chafing it inevitably brings with it. Yeah, I went there. Don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about. These anti-chafing bands eliminate that discomfort and come in tons of colors and styles. Just slip them on under your favorite summery dress and live in an enchanted wonderland where chafing is a thing of the past.

Everybody Needs This Shoe And Foot Deodorizer

  via Amazon  

To cover up my post-waitressing-outside-in-summer foot odor, I once allowed an ex to believe the cupcakes we’d baked were emitting a foul smell. These days, there’s shoe and foot deodorizer to eliminate the need for lies (of omission). It’s packed with eight different powerhouse ingredients like apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus oil, all of which work together to truly eliminate even the stankiest of stanks.

These Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses Make The Perfect Gift

  via Amazon  

Everyone loves Himalayan salt these days. These Himalayan salt shot glasses are the perfect gift and should be mandatory at housewarming parties, especially for your friend who loves tequila. They’re carved from the highest quality food-grade Himalayan salt and were even endorsed in an issue of Oprah’s “O” Magazine. I mean, if they’re good enough for Oprah, you probably need them, ya know?

Charge Everything With This Travel Power Strip

  via Amazon  

Whenever my boyfriend and I travel we end up taking turns charging our phones because there are never enough outlets for both of us to use at the same time. Never again. With this travel power strip we can charge nine devices at once. Nine! I’m not even sure we have nine devices, but it’s good to know that they can all be charged if we actually do.

Don’t Waste An Ounce With This Last Drop Spatula

  via Amazon  

You’ve gotta love a product that eliminates waste and saves you money. This Last Drop Spatula is designed to scrape out every ounce of makeup, shampoo, mayonnaise or whatever else you don’t want to waste. (I recommend maybe picking up a couple different ones so you’re not using your mayo spatula for your makeup. Then again, you do you. I’m not here to judge.)

Improve Your Odorous Commute With This Car Air Freshener

This car air freshener uses an aromatherapy diffuser so at least one aspect of your commute will no longer stink. It attaches directly to your A/C vent and has a super sleek design (much nicer than other air fresheners which look kinda blobby). It’s also super easy to replace a new scent stick whenever one runs out, rather than having to throw the entire gadget away and get a new one every couple of weeks.