These Kids Will Probably Drive Their Parents into Early Retirement

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It seems like most of the stories you hear about kids these days feature them doing something especially adorable and sweet. But kids aren’t always pleasant little angels. Literally, every single parent (and plenty of people who aren’t parents) will tell you that kids have plenty of moments where they are anything but adorable and sweet. Sometimes, kids are tiny smartasses who really enjoy watching you try not to pull your hair out and scream.

But you know what? There are plenty of adult smartasses out in the world. Maybe even too many of them. I, for one, can enjoy a touch of smartassery from kids, especially when it comes from children I’m not in charge of raising.

The kids featured in the following photos might absolutely drive their parents and teachers crazy, but at least they’re clever about it. That definitely counts for something.

This kid works smarter, not harder.

Sure, it may drive the teacher nuts, but this skill will take them far in life. I bet they’ll be a CEO someday.

“Because I’m smart.”

“Technically correct” may be the best kind of correct, but teachers tend to forget that. Still, this kid obviously is smart.

Great names!

Hm. I would have said the green triangle was more of a “Tarrison,” but I can see why you went with “Tedison.” This kid should be allowed to name pretty much everything.


Weird that this writing worksheet has so many numbers on it. Oh well!

Hakuna Matata!

There’s only one thing I have to say to this teacher: No worries!

“Enough chit-chat.”

Look, Santa, big guy — you’ve got places to be, I’ve got stuff to do. Let’s just get down to it, shall we? You bring the goods, I’ll leave out the cookies. Capiche?

Exactly what you asked for.

When dealing with smartasses, it’s best if you are explicitly clear with your direction. Otherwise, they will take them literally, and you will probably be disappointed.

So true!

This kid may have gotten the homework answer incorrect, but they got 100 percent on their “be a good human” test.

Good advice.

Kinda makes you wish we had a time machine for this kid, doesn’t it? If only!

“I am a freeloader.”

Something tells me mom or dad may have had a hand in this particular answer. Still, Frankie is not incorrect.

They probably were!

High school teachers are always talking about cells, but they never stop to think about how those cells feel, do they? It’s a real shame.

Looks just like him!

I love imagining what this kid was thinking when they came across this question. “Seems like an odd request, but I’ll lose points if I leave it blank…”


I can so clearly picture the student laughing to themselves as they completed this assignment. It must have taken a long time!


Ice is hard. Ice is water. This all checks out.


Poor Tony! He’s just trying to learn a new skill!

He’s not wrong.

What an odd assignment. What exactly was the teacher expecting here?

Found the loophole!

If I was a teacher, I would absolutely allow this student to use their “cheat sheet.” Heck, I’d probably give them extra credit.

No, thank you.

It’s nice to know that even if this student doesn’t understand a very basic instruction, they are at least very polite.

Nice on, Brody.

I can’t help but notice that there’s something not quite right about this snowman. Oh! It’s the nose! Two triangles!


A good teacher encourages students to try harder and be better people. And pushes them off cliffs, natch.

This is my favorite birthday card.

If you think outside is amazing, wait until you see the inside.

Here it is:

Ouch. But accurate.

Just checking the time.

As we make advances in technology, teachers have to be on the lookout for new methods of cheating. I wish we had had Apple Watches back when I was in school.

Another A for authenticity!

This person clearly picked the correct character. I award full points!


Are kids getting better? I was definitely not this clever when I was a child.

You can do it!

Real talk, though. What does this even mean? How are you supposed to motivate an answer? Is this a math thing I didn’t pay attention to?

Bold move.

What they may lack in knowledge they more than make up for in confidence. Let’s see if it works out for them.

I don’t see a problem here.

Everything looked right to me! And then I noticed it was a math worksheet.

His name is John Cena!

I’m actually surprised this kid even got caught. I thought you couldn’t see John Cena.

This kid is actually my hero.

Will it get them into a good college? Probably not. But it makes my life better, so I’m supportive of their endeavors all the same. Share this with someone who works with kids!