If there was a species that was president of the Internet, cats would be it. Their mean, cute little faces coupled with their alien-like flexible and soft, furry bodies make them endlessly entertaining. The phrase "cats are liquid" is a thing because these tiny animals are basically contortionists with the ability to bend and flex and flatten their bodies in ways that no other animal can. So, when they lie on glass coffee tables or shelves, we humans get a little peek into what their bodies look like when they are lying down or sitting in weird positions.

Spoiler alert: It is hilarious. Cats sitting on glass tables is about to become your new favorite corner of the Internet. These pictures are just so funny! Cats are little weird monsters who look crazy in every position they attempt, so sit back, relax, and get ready to giggle at these truly crazy pictures of cats on glass.

As you can already tell, cats in, on, and around glass are very cute.

There are subreddits and Instagram hashtags dedicated to cats on glass, which is how you know it's a real and universally-loved thing.

Surprised cat!

It looks like this cat was sleeping and then the flash of the camera taking his picture from below woke him up.

Flat cat

Mikan is clearly in the midst of an existential crisis, so we shouldn't bother her except to tell her that she looks really adorable.

Pancake cat

I love this cat, napping all splayed out, reclaiming her space, looking exactly like a melting cloud.

Naughty cat

But seriously, why can cats fold their entire bodies in half like that? It's crazy. This party cat wants to show off her goods.

Shock and awww

This adorable kitty looks super confused as to why they are seemingly floating in the air. Either that or they see their reflection in the glass and think another cat is staring at them.

Sleepy cat

Do you know how sometimes you want to be able to feel pictures? This looks like the softest cat in the world. Also, I cannot get over those curled paws.

Double chin

This cat is like, "Can you see my double chin? How about now? What about now? Ah, whatever, I'm comfy."

Hi there!

Look at those little paws. It doesn't get more precious than that... until you look at her teeny floppy ears!

Hide and seek

All this cat wants is for you to shut the lights, close the blinds, and let her take a nap in the dark.

Floating catloaf

Ah yes, the floating catloaf in its natural habitat. Looking pettable as ever. Good, cute catloaf.

Smushy cat

Look at those paws! They look like a heart, which is ironic because cats don't love you. They just use you for food and shelter.


Look at this fluffy chunky monkey! This looks like the warmest, most comfy cat in all of history.

Purrrfect cat

I love this cat's ears. They are so silly, but she is so pretty, and she's even got those heart-shaped paws going on.

Jelly bean toes

It really is true that cats' paws look like jelly beans. I just want to eat them up!

Regal cat

"I am the ruler of this kingdom. How dare you try to pet me without my consent! That will not be tolerated!"

Bendy cat

This is a really comprehensive illustration of where every part of your cat goes when it lies down. A lot of questions were just answered with this picture.

Big ol' catloaf

from Catloaf
We can learn a lot from chunky cats like this who perch proudly in all their girth. You go, girl!

Staring contest

This cat will stare into your soul until you apologize for every bad thing you have ever done in your entire life. This cat knows everything.

Cranky cat

"Honestly, I don't know why you want to take my picture. I'm just lying here trying to have a normal nap."

Oh, hello there!

This is quite an angle. Any picture of me that gets taken from an angle like this must be automatically deleted.

Cat butt

Ditto, what I said in the last slide. This is, well, it's a cat's butthole. Sorry.

Hairless cat

I happen to think hairless cats are extremely cute and deserve all the love and attention that furry cats get. Look at those wrinkles!

Sky cat

Oh my gosh, I think that cat is actually on a sunroof. It looks like it's floating in the sky! A real cat cloud!

Silly cat

I think the face here is priceless. This cat is clearly confused and yet very intrigued by the flowers on this table.

Black cat

They say that black cats are bad luck, but what about super fluffy black and white cats?! I think this cat is good luck.

Get outta here!

It this – Is this cat taking a selfie? Get this cat on TV! It's the most talented cat in the world!

Four paws

Cats are really neat animals. They clean themselves constantly and when they sit, their paws are perfectly lined up!

Fuzzy buddy

That cat is looking at us like, "Hmm, do I jump down onto their face? How mad will they be if I do that?"

Two cats on glass

Two cats on glass equals twice the judgment. Share this with a cat lover you know!