31 Absolutely Adorable Dog Pictures You've Never Seen | 22 Words

Does anyone else ever stop and think...man, if I spent the rest of my life just cuddling a bunch of silly dogs, I'd be golden?

Whether they're curled up on the couch rarin' to cuddle or geekin' out over chasing their own tails, dogs are the best.

Needing your daily dose of dog? Lucky for you, we found 30 totally lovable pups indulging in all sorts of silly antics.

Gift yourself a hearty giggle y'all, because...DOGS!

Couple-a Nosey B%*&#s

via: Imgur

That one on the left, though. She's pissed.

When Bae’s Being Real Flirty But You Want Out

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Abort! ABORT!

World's Tiniest Supervillain

via: Bizar Bin

Whelp, there goes everything I own. My heart is no match for this little nugget of YAAS.

Totes Trashed

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Rosé all day don't play. Monday came in like a wrecking ball.

So...Too Much Tongue?

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"Baby, I can do that too..." ...said your Tinder nightmare from hell.

The Dream

via: Playbuzz

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee! *Feels all the feels*

When "Spice Up Your Life" Comes On Your Spotify

via: The Lover and the Revolutionary

'I'm Sporty! 'Girl? Please.'


via: Giphy

I KNOW THAT WORD!!! I wish I got this excited about anything at all.

Walking In On Your Folks Like...

via: She Knows

Those life scars, bro. They run deep.

Must. Taste. Human. Foods.

via: Pinterest

Nailing it. No one's noticing.

But First, Let Me Take a Selfie

via: YouTube

Chins on chins on chins. That's hot.

When Life Fights Back

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Legs, guys. They're tricker than they seem.


via: The Healthy Dog Times

NOM, NOM, NOM. Oh, you wanted some too? Awkward...

Nah, Brah

via: YouTube

Flowers? Cheer? Hard pass.

Gaga Approved

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I live for the Appaws. Also, though, we about ready to bring back that meat dress?

Gettin' Fresh Perspective

via: Just Something

Eat your hearts out, humans. xoxo, Gossip Fox

My Grandpa After Too Much Fishing

via: Imgur

"Failure will not define me." "I AM GOOD AT THIS!"

Walk Over

via: Imgur

Is it just me... ...or have squirrels gotten faster?

Smile Like You Mean It

via: Booms Beat

Who's the master now, buddy? Sniff. My. BUTT.

When You Got Mad Tricks Up Your Sleeve

via: Misfit

Lol, silly pup. Tricks are for kids.

Knarly Surf, Brah!

via: Juxtapost

When everyone's straight cheesin'... ...but you know what's up.

Limit Reached

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Treats? Treeeeats!

Me On Every Birthday

via: Newsiosity

Must. Freeze. Face. Must. Not. WRINKLE.

When My Blow Out Gets Wet

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Back to the groomer?! Dun. Dun. DUHHHHH.

Not What I Meant By "Sled Dog"

via: Imgur

"Well, this'll be fun..." "Lies! Lies! Lies!"

Totally What I Meant By "Dog Bowl"

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Seriously though, can life get any cuter? I'll take one bowl of fluffy pup, please!

How Did I Get Here?

via: Lifebuzz

Fetch got too real. "Well, I'm never fallin' for that one agai...OOOOOH BALL!"

Strangers Are Scary

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Whoa. What is this sorcery?!

Pure Bliss

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This is better than treats and belly rubs. Well...maybe not belly rubs. Belly rubs are my jam.

Because Who Doesn't Love Bubble Wrap?

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"You guys go ahead." "I've got this handled."