Justin Bieber Confronted by Man in the Street Wanting a Fight

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Justin has been making a lot of headlines recently as a consequence of his marriage to supermodel, Hailey Baldwin, and… oh, how could we forget?! His tweet challenging Tom Cruise to a UFC fight… Yep, you read that right.

Because he tweeted this wild challenge, Bieber can’t really be shocked if he starts to receive a little backlash. I mean, let’s face it, challenging a Hollywood veteran such as Cruise to a fight is a little disrespectful.

But, news just in! It looks like it isn’t Tom Cruise who wants to fight the Canadian singer, but someone else entirely.

Read on to find out exactly what went down (and to see a video of it, too!).

The “Baby” singer has been in his fair share of Hollywood troubles, including turning up late to gigs, lashing out at paparazzi, possessing drugs, and he was even caught urinating in a janitor’s bucket while yelling “F*ck Bill Clinton!” Smooth, Justin…

After all the years of partying, drug claims, and mischief, is it finally time for Justin to maybe start to settle down?

Justin seems pretty smitten with the supermodel, and shortly after their marriage, he announced a break from music.

Biebs is far from disappearing from our headlines, so no need to worry guys! Whether he’s done something wacky on social media or something ridiculous in the streets of Hollywood, there’s no way that he’s going to be forgotten about any time soon.

Bieber caught the attention of the world with a tweet that he posted on 10th June, basically challenging Mission Impossible actor, Tom Cruise, to an UFC fight. And he even expected Dana White, the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, to fund and organize the whole thing.

Why on earth would a twenty-five-year-old challenge an experienced and, let’s face it, much tougher fifty-six-year-old man?

Quite frankly, Justin is being pretty ridiculous and extremely arrogant. And, of course, people have reacted rather badly to all of this.

Users such as these guys on Twitter voiced their disbelief at the singer for coming out with such a random and unexpected challenge. People are clearly rooting for Tom here…

Originally from Russia, Viktor lives in California and is an aspiring Youtuber after spending fifteen years in professional sports. The pro-boxer spends his time traveling around and making pranks videos, and he’s made a beeline for Justin.  

Under the alter-ego Fake Ivan Drago, he showed up at controversial Youtuber, Logan Paul’s, house and challenged him to a fight. I’m not entirely convinced that this was totally unannounced (the guy conveniently has a boxing ring in his back yard…) but, either way, the fight happened, and Logan caught it all on camera.

Imagine being a pro-boxer, and getting your ass kicked by Logan Paul, of all people. His ego must have hurt after that performance…

It almost seemed to be perfect timing that Justin tweeted about wanting to fight Tom Cruise. If he really wants a fight, he’s got one in Viktor.

The Biebs was leaving Craig’s restaurant last night when he was unexpectedly ambushed by Viktor – who, by the way, goes by the Instagram username Viktorcrazy1.

Viktor rocked up to the restaurant topless, in full boxing gear, leaving little to the imagination. Justin seemed pretty amused, but maybe that’s because he was surrounded by bodyguards…

Justin completely blew off Viktor by simply ignoring his trash talk and the intimidating beating of his chest, and proceeded to walk into the restaurant. This didn’t stop the boxer, however…

This guy is serious about fighting Justin. But, yet again, he was blown off when Justin dashed into his security-ridden car.

From the way that Justin chickened out of this challenge, it’s looking pretty clear as to how he would react if Tom was to accept his UFC offer…

Generally, the internet has been hating on Justin since his brash tweet and, quite frankly, it’s kind of what he deserves for being a bit too big for his boots.

It looks like the singer has really started something, and he’d best be ready for the day that he’s going to get his ass kicked – whether that’s by Tom Cruise or another pro-boxer coming his way.

If only Justin had accepted his offer, eh…