Who could forget when Justin Bieber famously challenged action-hero Tom Cruise to a fight? It was utterly shambolic, right?

Well, it seems that the overly-confident star isn't backing down and has been nagging Cruise yet again to fight him. Read on to see what the Biebs had to say...

A classic Bieber move...

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Let's be super honest with ourselves here. It's really not that much of a shock that Justin Beiber has taken to Instagram with an outrageous and ridiculous statement that's got everyone thinking... "what the hell?".

He's no stranger to online drama.

The Canadian pop star is well known for his dramatic nature and overly-confident attitude, and his social media accounts certainly enhance these traits. From going on spontaneous Twitter outbursts to announcing his marriage to supermodel, Hailey Baldwin, on Instagram, Biebs never fails to disappoint his loyal following of "Beliebers".

Bieber recently took a break from music.

The Biebs, who is best known for his pop songs such as "Baby" (2010), took to Instagram in 2019 to announce a "break from music," and went on to explain that he was taking time out to focus on himself and his mental health.

He had no breaks from social media, however.

The break in music didn't mean that Justin is off the map, of course. He certainly made his presence known via social media, and one Twitter rant stood out.

In 2019, he unbelievably challenged Mission Impossible actor Tom Cruise to an MMA fight.

Bieber's celeb feud was confirmed via Twitter, with the challenge of an MMA style fight in the octagon. Why he did this it is not yet known - and probably never will be.

Everyone was asking the same question.

Where on earth did this come from, Justin?

He seemed to be serious.

The young and (clearly) ignorant singer even mentioned Dana White in his tweet. Dana White is the president of the Ultimate Fighting Championship, which is the largest MMA organization in the world.

Could it be a religious matter?

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Justin often refers to his Christianity on Instagram and Twitter, and with Cruise being a well known Scientologist, it has been speculated that the vast differences in religion may be a contributing factor as to why Justin has made this bizarre request.

Not cool , Justin...

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People were really confused about Bieber's decision.

Of course, Cruise is certainly a few years wiser than the immature singer.

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Perhaps the most ludicrous thing about the call-out is the age difference. Fighting a man who is thirty years older doesn't seem like the best idea. It also doesn't help that Cruise is known to have done the majority of his own stunts in his movies, suggesting he's a pretty tough guy.

The internet seemed keen on the idea, however.

Purely for the fact that people were dying to see Biebs get his ass kicked by the star.

People said it as it is.

Bieber has been called out various times online since posting the tweet, which will hopefully put things into a little perspective for him... maybe?

Justin's statement didn't go down as well as he probably expected...

And the internet was definitely taking Cruise's side, which turned Biebs into a laughing stock on Twitter.

Notorious MMA fighter, Conor McGregor, then got involved...

And shockingly, the Irish MMA fighter took Bieber's side.

It appeared that some really want this fight to happen...

McGregor went about the situation in his typical outspoken fashion, claiming Cruise needs to be "man enough" to take on the fight.

And it didn't end there...

McGregor went on to follow in Bieber's footsteps by proposing a fight of his own, but with actor and well-known fitness enthusiast, Mark Wahlberg.

A bit too much testosterone, anybody?

It was truly a strange time on Twitter.

But the story (sort of) continued.

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The fact that Tom Cruise didn't come forward with a statement regarding the proposed fight meant that some held out hope over the next year.

But almost 2 years on, Bieber has reignited the flames...

With a hilarious Instagram post that has everybody talking.

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Here's the post that got everybody talking.

But the caption was even better - "Tom Cruise is toast." We can't wait to see what happens next! For more from Tom Cruise, scroll on for his latest COVID controversy ...