Justin Timberlake Donates Wheelchair-Accessible Van To Teenager With Cerebral Palsy

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Justin Timberlake has drawn in praise after he gave the ultimate gift to a teenager with cerebral palsy.

One family is very grateful for Justin Timberlake this Thanksgiving.

On Wednesday, seventeen-year-old Jake Stitt got an unforgettable gift from the star.

With people praising the singer for the move.

Now, of course, Timberlake began his career on The New Mickey Mouse Club, starring alongside Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.

And in 1995, he became a teen heartthrob with the boy group NSYNC.

Timberlake went solo in 2002, releasing the Grammy-winning album Justified.

And has even proved himself a talented actor, starring in movies like Alpha Dog (2006), The Social Network (2010), and In Time (2011).

And it seems he’s extended his efforts to help others.

Seventeen-year-old Jake Stitt — who lives with cerebral palsy — was on the receiving end of the pop star’s generosity.

Tim, a military veteran, told WJHL his back has gotten so bad from having to carry his son onto a regular van that he even has a disability now.

But it looks like they won’t have to spend a penny of it.

After actor Michael Abbott Jr. shared Jake and Tim’s story, it immediately caught Timberlake’s attention.

“Jake sits outside the house and has a sign that says ‘honk if you’re happy,'” Abbott said. “He’s an incredible young man.”

Now, they’ll get to keep the $35,000 to help with Jake’s care! “It’s my pleasure,” Timberlake told the son and father over Zoom. “Like I said, I heard there was a goal to try to get this van before Thanksgiving. I heard your story and saw a little news clip about it.”

“It’s going to make our lives so much easier because of the independence he’s going to have as a young man now.”

And many praised the singer for the generous move.

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