Kaavan, the "world's loneliest elephant" rescued by pop icon, Cher, has just settled into his new home in Cambodia and, amazingly so, has just made the first contact with another elephant for the first time in 8 years!

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Now, Asian elephants like Kaavan truly are an incredible species.

With deep family roots and strong emotional bonds, they are far more superior than we give them credit for.

They are incredibly sociable animals.

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These elephants are usually spotted in groups of around 6 or 7 females, and they are known to join other groups of elephants to form a larger group.

The elephant is an important cultural symbol...

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And they are very much loved and respected all across the continent.

But sadly, this isn't always the case.

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As a result of human activity, the Asian elephant is now listed as endangered, with fewer than 50,000 left in both the wild and captivity.

This is largely thanks to the destruction of their natural habitat.

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As urbanization, industrial development, and agricultural expansion increase in countries like India and Indonesia, Asian elephants’ habitats are shrinking rapidly.

And the ones who have survived our destruction?

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Well, captivity is the only answer.

Around 15,000 Asian elephants are currently living in captivity...

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And it's all thanks to our impact on their habitats. Sadly, a lot of these elephants in captivity suffer tremendously and elephants are usually at the top of a tourist's list when visiting countries across Asia - with locals often cashing in on the exploitation of these animals.

Whether they are being forced to perform...

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Or used as novelty "rides" for tourists, these elephants are trained and often beaten into submission, which slowly chips away at their souls and characters.

However, not all captive environments are so cruel.

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There are so many national parks and organizations that provide these elephants with the environment and care that they deserve.

But the statistics don't lie...

And way too many of these beautiful creatures suffer tremendously every single day.

And now, one elephant is finally facing justice!

His story, however, has been an utterly tragic one.

Kaavan the elephant has lived a life in chains for the last thirty-five years.

The poor creature has known nothing but mental torment, neglect, and loneliness at the Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad, the capital city of Pakistan.

And to make things even worse...

Kaavan's elephant companion died in 2012, meaning he has been completely alone ever since. This is what resulted in Kaavan being dubbed by activists as "the world's loneliest elephant." Utterly heartbreaking.

For years, campaigners have petitioned to free Kaavan from his captivity...

Four Paws International, a Vienna-based animal welfare group, led the charge to save Kaavan, and they were the ones to outline how severe his symptoms of mental distress due to the isolated enclosure had become.

Kaavan was tragically known to knock his head repeatedly against the wall...

And constantly pace in circles - which is a common sign of distress in many animals.

The campaign went on to be backed by some of the biggest celebs out there...

Including pop-icon Cher, who expressed her horror recently at what was happening to the poor elephant.

Well, it seems that all of the campaigning finally had its impact...

Because a court declared earlier this year that Kaavan will be freed and sent to a much kinder elephant sanctuary.

Chief Justice, Athar Minallah, was the one who ordered the release.

He said, "Neither are there adequate facilities nor resources to provide living conditions that would meet the behavioral, social, and physiological needs of the animals."

The Pakistani government agreed on July 17th to let Free the Wild relocate Kaavan to a sanctuary in Cambodia.

Ammar Pervaiz - part of a local animal welfare group - tweeted: "Finally, Kaavan is going to Cambodia! I can't express how happy I am for Kaavan. Thank you to all the beautiful souls across the globe who raised their voice and showed their support especially IWMB and advocate Owais Awa."

Kaavan even got a send-off ceremony...

Which was attended by workers and guests of the zoo.

People have been overjoyed by the news...

And they have been taking to social media to thank those involved in the rescue of this unfortunate elephant.

And last week, Kaavan was flown to the Cambodia Wildlife Sanctuary!

Upon arrival following a safe journey, he immediately received the medical treatment and love that he so desperately needed.

And not to mention...

Cher was there in Cambodia to greet and welcome Kaavan into his new home!

Of course, Kaavan has a long way to go with his rehabilitation and treatment...

But it seems that already, he's ready to make some new friends!

Photos today show Kaavan been introduced to another elephant for the first time in 8 years.

He has been pictured touching trunks with another resident of the sanctuary through metal bars, and he seemed friendly and curious - which is a good sign!

We wish Kaavan a happy life in his new home!

It is the least that he deserves. Make sure to stay posted for updates on Kaavan's progress.