VP Kamala Harris Runs Stairs at Lincoln Memorial Like Rocky | 22 Words

The world has been in complete awe of Kamala Harris over the last few months. Now the Vice President of the United States, she's proved she's more than fit for the role...

Harris hasn't let her new role slow her down...


She's looking stronger than ever after being snapped doing her Rocky routine at the Lincoln Memorial.

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Harris finally became Vice President last month...


And it was the moment we've all been waiting for.

A moment that made history.


So it's no surprise that many tears were shed on this momentous day...

Her work and achievements have made her a role model to women everywhere.


People all over America are thankful that she stepped up...

And with being sworn in as vice president, she also took on another role that's equally important.

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She became a role model.

Harris proved that women can hold big positions, and they will.

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She proved that we can push for change and make a huge difference in the world.

And ultimately, she inspired people.

Well now, Kamala is proving to everyone just how fit for the new role she truly is...

Harris was spotted running stairs like she's Sylvester Stallone in Rocky.

The video shows Harris showing off her stamina at the Lincoln Memorial. She made the whole routine look pretty easy, completing several laps of the stairs.

Though this time she wasn't wearing her usual Converse Chucks, and had an SS guard by her side the whole time.


It looks like the Secret Service agents could learn a thing or two from the VP.

All Harris needs is "Gonna Fly Now" playing in the background...

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