The tragic news has come in today that the Hollywood icon, Steve Bing, has died.

Keep reading for the full details surrounding his shocking death...

Steve Bing has been taken too soon.

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Today, the founder of Shangri-La Entertainment has been pronounced dead - He was only fifty-five-years-old.

Throughout his life, Bing made quite the name for himself.

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After gaining a generous inheritance of $600 million from his grandfather at the age of eighteen, Bing dropped out of Stanford University to pursue a career in Hollywood.

His passions had always laid within writing...

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And, while he was still a high school student at Harvard-Westlake, he had written the story for “Missing in Action" and later wrote an episode of “Married With Children."

But his big writing break came in 2003.

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Alongside Scott Rosenberg and Barry O'Brien, Bing wrote the action-comedy Kangaroo Jack, starring Anthony Anderson and Jerry O’Connell.

After this, he invested in many other ambitious projects...

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Including an $80 million investment in the 2004 Christmas hit, The Polar Express.

He had executive producer credits on a number of films and music documentaries...

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Including the Rolling Stones documentary, Shine a Light, directed by Martin Scorsese, CSNY/Deja Vu, Rock the Kasbah, Get CarterRules Don’t Apply, and Girl Walks Into a Bar.

He was also an avid philanthropist.

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In 2012, Bing committed to join the Giving Pledge, a campaign set up by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to encourage extremely wealthy people to contribute to philanthropic causes, willingly donated the majority of his wealth to the charity.

But, putting Hollywood and philanthropy to one side, Bing also had a vast history in the world of politics.

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Over the years, the entertainment tycoon reportedly contributed more than $10.7 million at the federal level to the Democratic Party and its candidates, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

He was also quite close with the former president, Bill Clinton...

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And, over the years, the pair became firm friends.

But he also gained an awful lot of attention for being involved in high-profile lawsuits.

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In 2001, he was involved in 2 separate paternity cases involving his ex-girlfriend, actress Elizabeth Hurley and former tennis player, Lisa Bonder, regarding claims that he had fathered children with them.

Despite him being adamant about not being the father for both children, the paternity tests came back as positive.

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He had a son, Damian, with Hurley, and a daughter, Kira, with Bonder.

Fast-forwarding to the last decade, Bing has been keeping under the radar...

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But rumors of his declining mental health and depression have been rife.

And today, the devastating news of his suicide has been confirmed.

As reported by TMZ, Bing jumped from the twenty-seventh floor of a luxury apartment building in L.A.'s Century City neighborhood.

It is utterly heartbreaking.

Bing lived in the building, and sources close to him told TMZ that they believed a lack of social interaction during lockdown triggered a huge decline in his mental health.

Since the news of his devastating death broke, the tributes have been flooding in...

As celebrities and friends alike come together to remember the "kind-hearted" Bing.

Bill Clinton also sent his condolences.

He wrote: "I loved Steve Bing very much. He had a big heart, and he was willing to do anything he could for the people and causes he believed in. I will miss him and his enthusiasm more than I can say, and I hope he’s finally found peace."

And his ex, Elizabeth Hurley, wrote a heartfelt message on Instagram.

Alongside a series of photos of them together, she said: "I am saddened beyond belief that my ex Steve is no longer with us. It is a terrible end. Our time together was very happy and I’m posting these pictures because although we went through some tough times, it’s the good, wonderful memories of a sweet, kind man that matter."

It turns out the pair had rekindled their friendship in the last year...

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"In the past year we had become close again. We last spoke on our son’s 18th birthday. This is devastating news and I thank everyone for their lovely messages."

Bing's death stands as a stark reminder that depression is no joke...

And that we always need to look out for our friends and relatives in need.

Rest in peace, Steve Bing.

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We can only hope that his death can raise awareness about the dangers of depression and suicide, and that it will hopefully save other lives.