A month on from Kanye West's bizarre campaign rally, it has emerged that he could be in a lot more trouble than originally thought...

As you will all know, it's been a troublesome month for the rapper.

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Ever since his debut campaign rally last month, Kanye's behavior has been incredibly worrisome... And now, things could be set to get even worse.

It all started on July 4th.

Taking to Twitter, Kanye announced that he would be running for president.

Now, in the last couple of years, Kanye has been dabbling in and out of the world of American politics.

Back in 2018, Kanye, who is an avid Trump supporter, sat down with the president in the Oval Office where he proclaimed his support and declared Trump a “hero" in a bizarre, rambling televised monologue that spawned myriad parodies.

But, last month, he took things to the next level.

Kanye wrote on Twitter: "We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision, and building our future. I am running for president of the United States! #2020Vision."

Despite teasing the idea for years...

Nobody ever thought that he'd actually do it. Also, what happened to having an education and experience in politics before you could even think about being president?

But, regardless of the haters, the rapper has been deadset on his "2020 vision"...

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And, just a few weeks later, he hosted his first-ever campaign rally.

However, his campaign proved to be an extremely chaotic and alarming experience.

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Kanye, who was clad in a bullet-proof vest with the numbers "2020" shaved into his head, threw his rally in Charleston, South Carolina, where he seemed to whip up various policy decisions right there on the spot.

And amongst many other problematic things, he completely humiliated his wife throughout it.

People couldn't believe what they were hearing.

He disclosed how he and Kim had discussed the possibility of abortion when she found out she was pregnant with North...

And, even though Kim did not give her permission to Kanye to disclose this private information, he didn't seem to care.

Through tears, Kanye ranted:

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"Then she said, 'I'm pregnant.' I said, 'Yes!' Then I said, 'No.' I gotta tell you what was in my mind. She was crying. She said she was pregnant, and for one month, and two months, and three months, we talked about her not having this child. She had the pills in her hand. When you take the pills, and if you take it, the baby's gone."

He acknowledged that Kim may file for divorce following his revelation...

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But, again, he didn't seem to care. "So even if my wife were to divorce me after this speech, she brought North into the world, even when I didn't want to. She stood up, and she protected that child."

Kanye was crying so hard, it was difficult to understand what he was saying...

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The man was clearly in a lot of pain which arose so much concern about him running for president.

Kanye didn't stop there, however.

Kanye went on a horrendous Twitter rant in which he insulted his wife and in turn, his kids.

Firstly, he started off by referring to an alleged incident with Anna Wintour...

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In which he said the fashion mogul was "kissing his ass." Minutes later, he told us that "Kim tried to lock me up with a doctor."

He continued...

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Firstly, he referred to his own wife as "North's mom," and then talked about her sex tape, calling it a "sex rape."

He then threatened momager, Kris Jenner, in another tweet.

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He urged her "not to play with him," also writing that she's not allowed around his kids anymore because she tried to "lock him up."

After a 3-day social media silence, Kim released a lengthy statement regarding her husband's erratic behavior.

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"As most of you will know, Kanye has bipolar disorder. As anyone who has this or a loved one in their life does, knows how incredibly complicated it is to understand." She then discussed how, in the past, she has respected Kanye's privacy regarding his disorder, and has remained silent in an attempt to protect her children.

She then went on to discuss her husband's complex, yet "brilliant" personality.

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"Living with bipolar disorder does not diminish or invalidate his dreams and his creative ideas, no matter how big or unobtainable they may seem. This is a part of his genius, and as we have all witnessed, many of his big dreams come true."

She then went on to urge people to be more aware of mental health issues in our society...

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And thanked everyone so far for being so supportive and concerning for Kanye's health and wellbeing.

Kim and Kanye's marriage has, quite understandably, been put under a lot of strain since his outburst...

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But they have reportedly reunited, and are working on getting their relationship and their lives back on track.

However, that doesn't mean his presidency drama is over.

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Despite withdrawing from the public eye and keeping a low profile in the world of politics, it seems that Kanye could actually be in a lot of trouble for his actions.

There is a new issue surrounding "falsified signatures" on his election petitions.

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Illinois and New Jersey have today revealed that the majority of the signatures that he submitted were actually invalid.

And, in addition to this...

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There has also been speculation surrounding his team and whether they can be trusted -  A number of Republican activists have been helping Kanye collect signatures, including Mark Jacoby, who was arrested on voter-fraud charges whilst working for the California Republican Party back in 2008.

So, if Kanye is found guilty of voter fraud...

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He could be facing up to 3 years in jail.

Of course, this might never happen.

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But this is a developing story, and we will post updates accordingly.