'Karen' Without Mask in Papa Murphy's Screams and Invokes Her 'Constitutional' Pizza Rights | 22 Words

A viral video has shown a woman, who of course wasn't wearing a mask, having a complete meltdown after being refused pizza, and it is the most bizarre thing you will ever watch.

These days, it seems that some people have forgotten that we are in the midst of a global pandemic.

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Even though the numbers of infections are steadily dropping in many countries, our country continues to be one of the worst affected.

There are currently over 2 million actives cases of the virus here in America...

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And it just doesn't seem to be phasing people anymore.

Many individuals seem to be forgetting that the virus is passed on through close contact...

Such as coughing, sneezing, and touching things with your bare hands.

And this is exactly why government officials have been stressing the importance of wearing facemasks in public spaces.

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Wearing a protective face covering, combined with other measures such as hand-washing and social distancing, has proven to have a remarkable effect on the spread of viruses.

So, as we slowly ease out of the pandemic...

State officials across the country have made it compulsory to wear a facemask while out in public spaces.

Even President Trump has encouraged people to wear their facemasks...

And we all know his precarious history with following the rules.

The majority of us have been abiding by these newly enforced rules...

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Wearing a facemask seems like a small sacrifice if it means avoiding a second lockdown, doesn't it?

But, sadly, not everyone has been understanding the severity of the problem.

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Of course, there are countless individuals who seem set on completely disregarding the rules.

In the last month, numerous stories of these rulebreakers have been emerging...

And it's safe to say that many of us are feeling pretty ashamed to be a part of the human race right now.

The stories just get wilder...

This month, someone even pulled out a gun in Walmart when a member of staff asked him to wear a mask. What kind of world do we live in?

But, this week, a new story has emerged...

And this time, people are simply in shock over the sheer ridiculousness of the whole situation.

It all happened in a Papa Murphy's pizza joint in Kennewick, WA.

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A woman, who has affectionately been nicknamed as "Karen" by the internet, went into the restaurant to order a pizza. So far, so good, right?

Well, the woman wasn't wearing a face mask...

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So, thanks to new regulations imposed to prevent a second wave, staff at the restaurant told her that she couldn't be served unless she wore a face mask.

Well, this didn't sit too well with Karen...

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And, instead of simply putting on a mask or leaving the store, she flew into a rage.

This woman was convinced that the law was on her side...

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And she started ranting at the staff that it is "her right as an American to be maskless"... despite the new regulations suggesting otherwise.

She tried claiming that she was hard of hearing...

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Saying to a member of staff: "I have a right to speak my mind, and I have a right to see your lips."

But this is when things get really funny.

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Karen, unbelievably, tries to argue that she has constitutional rights to pizza.

Admittedly, the audio isn't of exceptional quality...

You know, what with all the pizza-deprived shrieking and screaming.

So you can watch the moment for yourself here.

Though be warned: You may need to cleanse your ears, mind, and soul after watching.

The video has now been shared and viewed thousands of times...

And the woman only retreated when an employee offered to bring the pizza out to her truck - where, naturally, her husband was waiting to offer free (and unasked for) First Amendment lessons. For more on why it's so important to wear a face mask in public, keep scrolling...