Kellyanne Conway, President Trump's former campaign manager and current Counselor to the President, is legit scary. Whether it's her frightening ability to twist lies into the truth – so-called alternative facts – or her seemingly absolute belief in the words coming out her own mouth, she has quickly become a person TV hosts and producers don't want on their shows.

Key among these is CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper, who famously rolled his eyes at one of Conway's lies. Cooper's aversion to Conway to is so notorious, Saturday Night Live did a skit about it.

Boy was it frightening.

The skit follows Cooper as he walks down a rainy street in a yellow jacket to take a break from work.

He loses a piece of paper down the drain (sound familiar?) and who should he see when he tries to retrieve it but Kellyanne Conway – or, as she calls herself, "Kellywise The Dancing Clown" – as creepily portrayed by comedic genius Kate McKinnon.

From here, things get disturbing...

Cooper is, understandably, unnerved by Conway's new look, so he asks her what she did to her makeup. She replies – in full clown makeup, mind you – “I toned it down. Put me on TV." This is just one of the jabs the SNL writers make at Conway's expense.

In a nod to Conway's propensity for using alternative facts, Kellywise the Clown has this to say of Puerto Rico.

“Okay so, Puerto Rico was worse before Hurricane Maria, and the hurricane did blow some buildings back together and I don’t know why Elizabeth warren won’t tweet about that." Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

Things get even weirder when SNL cast member Keenan Thompson makes an appearance as a helpful police officer with a warning.

He tells Cooper that Rachel Maddow already got dragged down. Even Hillary Clinton is already there, and she tries to entice Cooper into joining her. “Hey, don’t talk to her," Thompson says. "Every day she drags somebody into that sewer, down there where the doodies are." So true.