Kate Middleton Gave Princess Charlotte the Cutest Advice at School

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The first day of school is a nerve-wracking experience for any child, whether they’re an English princess or not.

And Princess Charlotte, who enrolled at Thomas’s Battersea earlier this week, had the whole world watching her every step as she arrived at her new school.

The young princess seemed visibly nervous as she approached the school and played anxiously with her hair while holding her mom’s hand. However, her mom, Kate Middleton, offered some handy, yet heartwarming, advice for her daughter about how to handle the first-day nerves.

Keep scrolling to read the full story, and to hear the advice that the Duchess of Cambridge had for her daughter.

And the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, or William and Kate, as we know them best, are the perfect examples of a modern and young monarchy.

Following their lavish, and highly documented royal wedding in 2011, Wills and Kate were thrown into the media spotlight, and we still can’t get enough of them.

William, who is the son of Prince Charles and in line for the throne, met Kate at the University of St Andrew’s in Scotland in 2001.

They clearly couldn’t stay away from each other, and their engagement was announced in 2010, 9 years after they first met.

In July 2013, Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge was born, becoming the third in line to the throne of Great Britain. Kate emerged from St. Mary’s hospital in London in a blue polka dot dress, which many saw as a fitting tribute to Princess Diana, who wore a similar spotty attire herself some thirty-one years earlier.

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana was born in May 2015, just under 2 years after her older brother.

Princess Charlotte became the first female royal to retain her claim to the throne, despite having a younger brother. Before the Succession to the Crown Act 2013, the birth of a son meant that he would leap over any older daughters in the line of succession.

But, now that Princess Charlotte hasn’t been ruled out by gender, Prince Louis remains fifth-in-line to the throne, while Charlotte is fourth-in-line behind her older brother, Prince George.

Princess Charlotte is best known for her adorable and outgoing personality.

And often steals the show at royal events by determinedly waving and smiling for the hoards of paparazzi and press.

While being given a tour of Hamburg airport, William appeared to have given Charlotte some very important papers to hang on to, but when Kate tried to get them, their daughter was not happy about it. Because if there’s one thing that a toddler hates, it’s having something taken away from them. Though I think that it’s important to remember that, even though she’s a princess, she is still a normal toddler, after all.

Because which other member of the Royal family would playfully stick their tongue out at the crowd below them at a charity sailing race?

Yet, despite Charlotte being “more outgoing” than her brother, the two still seem to have maintained a strong bond. And, as PEOPLE has previously reported, the young royals are incredibly close to each other. “They are close in age, and they spend so much time together,” a source said. “Playdates [with outsiders] can be tricky, so they learn to lean on each other.”

Which, with Charlotte having just enrolled at the same school as him, should help her greatly as she settles in and makes new friends.

A source from Hello! Magazine added that George can be very protective of his younger sister. “Prince George is a very protective and lovely older brother,” said royal biographer, Penny Junor. “I’m sure he’ll look after his little sister and take great pride in showing her the ropes.”

In a video of Kate, Prince William, George, and Charlotte approaching the school entrance, Kate can be heard telling her daughter, “George will help lead the way.”

Which is possibly the best advice any mother could give to their child on their first day at school, especially for the princess who is so very close to her brother.  

Though some people don’t think that Charlotte will follow exactly in George’s footsteps…

As she is just far too mischevious to sit quietly and behave in class, isn’t she?

Though, with her many adorable tongue pokes at the press, who can blame them for thinking so?

We’re sure that Charlotte will love her time at Thomas’s Battersea.

And we can only hope that her mischevious and unique personality will grow even more. If this article has got you in the “royal” mood, keep scrolling to read thirty-five different facts about the Royal Family that you may not have known before… Though, be warned, some of them are scandalous.