Katherine Heigl Made Changes To Raising Her Adopted Kids | 22 Words

Katherine Heigl has spoken out about raising her 2 adopted daughters and the changes she's made in light of last year's Black Lives Matter movement...

And she's admitted to having been living in a "white bubble" for many years.


Here's the full story...

Now, we all know Heigl from her numerous roles in popular television series and movies.


With one of her first roles being in Grey's Anatomy, the Washington D.C-born actress went on to appear in so many iconic comedies and chick-flicks, such as Knocked Up (2007), 27 Dresses (2008), Life As We Know It (2010), and The Big Wedding (2013).

And more recently...


She had a prominent role in Suits for it's final 2 seasons and starred in Netflix's Firefly Lane (2021).

But despite being "blacklisted" from Hollywood a few years ago...


Heigl continues to be one of the more popular of showbiz and holds a wide global fanbase.

And alongside her career, she has a very wholesome family life.

Heigl is married to singer Josh Kelley and they share their 3-year-old son, Joshua, and 2 adopted daughters together - 8-year-old Adalaide and twelve-year-old Naleigh.

Adalaide was adopted at birth here in the U.S in 2012...

While Naleigh was adopted when she was 9-months old from South Korea in 2009.

In the past, the actress has said she always knew she wanted to be an adoptive parent...

And the conception of her only biological child wasn't exactly a planned one.

"I've never been determined to experience pregnancy," she told People in 2017, "But I'm so grateful that I did. I think that if it hadn't been a surprise, I'm not sure I would have done it."

Heigl's older sister, Meg, also happens to be adopted from South Korea...

Which is one of the first things that made the actress want to adopt.

But more recently, Heigl has opened up about how she's been raising her adopted daughters...


And that she's made some serious changes following last year's BLM movement.

Of course, BLM is now one of the most prominent movements in the world.


Since the tragic death of George Floyd in May last year, outrage was triggered and now, more than ever before, justice and equality has been demanded for Black communities and people of color all around the world.

And now, Heigl has spoken out about the changes she's made to raising her adopted children, and it's solicited a strong reaction...

Speaking to Parents, she admitted that because she was raised with adoption, she didn't think about issues surrounding race.

"Because I was raised with adoption, looking beyond skin color was the norm for me and I just believed that love is love — it doesn't matter what we look like," Heigl explained.

The actress then recalled a conversation she had with her sister about the matter.

"But then when I asked my sister, Meg, if she had been treated one way when she was out in public with our parents and a different way when she was out by herself without them, she said, 'Oh yeah, all the time!'."

"That made me realize that I had been so naïve."

​"At first, I got very angry. But I had to calm down and realize, okay, this isn't about how it makes me feel. It's about how I need to protect my daughters and prepare them for the world because I can't change society in one fell swoop," Heigl said.

Heigl went on to explain that she has become committed to answering any questions her children may have about their heritage.

"They do have more questions as they get older," she said, "We have said to them, 'This is your story. We don't have any information about your biological fathers, but we do have a bit about your biological mothers'."

She added:

"If you guys want to talk more about them, you can have as much or as little information as you want. Tell us what you're comfortable with knowing'."

And then, taking to Instagram, Heigl revealed in 2 lengthy posts that she felt her "whiteness" had prevented her from "internalizing the reality" of racism.

"My white bubble though always with me now begins to bleed," she wrote alongside photos of her daughter, "It has taken me far too long to truly internalize the reality of the abhorrent, evil despicable truth of racism."

"My whiteness has kept it from me."

"My upbringing of inclusivity, love, and compassion seemed normal. I thought the majority felt like I did. I couldn't imagine a brain that saw the color of someone's skin as anything but that. Just a color," the actress explained.

She went on:

"I was naive. I was childish. I was blind to those who treated my own sister differently because of the shape of her beautiful almond eyes. Or her thick gorgeous hair. Or her golden skin. I was a child. For too long."

"Hopelessness is seeping in."

"Fear that there is nothing I can do, like a slow-moving poison, is spreading through me. Then I look at my daughters. My sister. My nephews and niece. George Floyd. Ahmaud Arbery. Breonna Taylor. The hundreds, thousands millions more we haven't even heard about. I look and the fear turns to something else. The sorrow warms and then bursts into flames of rage."

Heigl's new perspective is refreshing...

And we hope that her wise words and realizations will resonate with so many others out there - particularly those who have adopted children of different races.

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