In a shock and unexpected announcement, pop sensation, Katy Perry, revealed yesterday that she is pregnant with her first child.

The pop star managed to keep her pregnancy well and truly under wraps for months, and now she has finally revealed just how she kept such a huge secret hidden for so long.

Keep scrolling for the full story and to watch the video reveal...

This is Katy Perry: Singer, songwriter, and superstar.

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She came on the scene in 2008 with the explosive (and controversial) hit, I Kissed A Girl. 

She's one of the most successful singers of our time.

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Her 2015 Super Bowl half time show is thought to be the most-watched musical event ever.

Perry has had an unbelievable number of hit singles.

Even those totally out of touch with pop music could probably sing along to a few of her killer choruses.

Orlando Bloom is also kind of a big deal.

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The English actor is one of the most instantly recognizable faces of fantasy, thanks to his role as Legolas in the Lord of the Rings franchise.

Bloom has been famous for a really long time.

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And it was his role as Will Turner in 2003's Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is what really made him a household name.

Having said that, his career appears to have gone on to the back burner.

Bloom hasn't been in a film since 2017 and hasn't been seen on our screens for quite some time.

Although that could simply be a case of shifting priorities.

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It seems that Bloom was simply focusing his attentions elsewhere - like on his romantic life, for instance.

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom are one of Hollywood's more glamorous couples.

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But it took them a while to get to where they are now.

It wasn't until May of 2016 that Perry confirmed the two were officially dating.

She shared this snap of the pair lying down on some steps at the Cannes Film Festival. But, before this, their relationship was kept very hush-hush.

Fans suspected the pair's budding romance, however...

Including this collage of Bloom's 2017 birthday party, for which Perry brought a special birthday cake.

The couple have had some amazingly cute moments together.

They are definitely couple goals!

And, after a couple of relationship hiccups, they officially confirmed that they were together in April 2018.

That same month, Perry shared this amazing (yet slightly bizarre) picture of the couple meeting the Pope.

And last Valentine's Day, Bloom shared this cryptic message.

He didn't tag anyone in particular, but fans quickly suspected they knew exactly what it meant.

And Katy confirmed everyone's suspicions...

Perry shared this snap of the corner of the pair's faces, alongside multiple heart-shaped balloons and a truly stunning pink engagement ring. Bloom shared the same picture, with the simple captions, "Lifetimes."

People were thrilled to hear the news.

One fan pointed out that exactly one year ago, Perry had caught the bouquet at her own brother's wedding.

We also got a couple more pictures.

Including a better look at that ring.

The couple are yet to tie the knot...

But, as of yesterday, they have something much more exciting to look forward to.

The couple are expecting their first child together!

And, in typical Katy Perry fashion, she revealed the exciting news in a rather unconventional way...

Through her new music video.

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I know, it doesn't get any more A-list than that, does it?

Katy's new song, "Never Worn White" debuted last night...

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And the song, which will be a part of her fifth upcoming album, hints massively that the singer will be walking down the aisle very soon. The lyrics go: "Cause I've never worn white. But I wanna get it right. Yeah, I really wanna try with you. No, I've never worn white. But I'm standin' here tonight. Cause I really wanna say 'I do'"

The music video is very typical Katy Perry...

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And she can be seen donning a rather quirky and unique floral dress at one point.

But, for the majority of the video...

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Katy is seen in a stunning white gown and looking rather angelic.

But, as the video draws to a close...

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The singer can be seen clasping her hands around her stomach, which hadn't seemed any bigger throughout the full sequence.

And then, there we have it.

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She suddenly stands to a side and reveals her small bump, which she cradles delicately.

And, shortly after the debut, Katy shared a clip of the video on her Instagram, with the cryptic caption:

"Let’s just say it’s gonna be a jam-packed summer..."

She then addressed her pregnancy in an Instagram Live stream...

"I'm excited," she said, "We're excited and happy and it's probably the longest secret I've ever had to keep."

She even flashed her bump...

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There it is!

She then flashed the camera back to herself...

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Where, in true Katy fashion, she let out an excitable scream.

But everyone's asking the same thing...

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How did she hide her pregnancy for so long?

Katy has never been one to wear frumpy, over-sized clothes...

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So how didn't we notice her bump?

Well, she has now revealed her tactic...

And it's a pretty simple one! Referring to the paparazzi shots taken in the last couple of weeks, she wrote: "omg so glad I don’t have to suck it in anymore."

And she also relied on help from her fashion accessories...

Because apparently carrying around a big purse can help cover a pregnancy bump... Who'd have thought it!

This photo was taken last month...

And the purse does infact seem to be working a treat.

You can watch the full music video here.

Congratulations to the happy couple!