Katy Perry Looks Unrecognizable as She Goes Make-Up Free in Relatable Quarantine Post

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Millions of people around the world are currently living in quarantine thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, and that most certainly doesn’t exclude the rich and famous.

Katy Perry recently revealed her own make-up free “quarantine look”… and she is truly unrecognizable.

You’ll be shocked at the difference make-up makes! Keep scrolling to see…

Who doesn’t love Katy Perry?

Since making her debut in 2004, the pop singer has become a household name in the music industry.

Her many anthems have since become the pinnacle of club music, with “Firework” and “Roar” making any night out a triumph!

And she is very well known for her interesting style.

While she can definitely belt out a tune, Perry is also known for her likeable personality and her interesting fashion choices.

All you have to do is Google Perry at the MET Gala and you’ll find yourself looking at some of the most mind-blowing outfits ever designed.

And this just so happens to be her hair.

Seriously, she changes it almost every month!

Here we have a baby Katy Perry from 2004, rocking this messy ‘do.

In 2005, Perry went for a more natural look. Wet hair is natural, right?

In 2009, Perry was still keeping up the natural look, but, this time, it was shorter and silkier.

This is probably one of Perry’s most iconic looks. This peacock-blue hair truly was electric.

It appears that bright blue hair didn’t suit the pop star for long, as she later returned to her natural black.

At the beginning of 2011, we saw Perry go for a very different style – no longer black, but dirty blonde.  

2012 saw Perry return to her favored hue of blue. But, this time, the cut was much shorter.

Instead of moving on from the vivid color, Katy grew it out and even added some pink streaks – absolutely fabulous.

She soon returned to her natural black, only this time she donned a striking violet iridescence.

She shortly mixed it up again, dying it this delightful lilac color.

2017 brought us a new look, and this time she was blonde again.

Perry stayed blonde throughout 2017, but she also ended up adopting this stylish pixie cut for her everyday appearance.

And it also takes a truly beautiful face to pull it off.

But as we can all relate, getting a hair cut in the current climate is now almost impossible.

This certainly doesn’t exclude the rich and famous, with many celebrities staying confined to their homes in a bid to reduce the spread of the deadly virus.

And she shared the best quarantine “before and after” Instagram post with her fans recently.

Katy looked glowing wearing a floral dress teamed with red accessories with her most recent hairstyle – a cropped bleach blonde bob.

Katy posed for a selfie makeup-free wearing a fluffy bathrobe, along with the caption: “Pre-quarantine – mid-quarantine. Hope your stay-at-home plans tonight include joining me for a beautiful and breezy episode of #AmericanIdol, taped in heavenly Hawaii back in January and February.”

We must say, she looks completely different.

However, many fans applauded Katy’s snap, with many leaving comments such as, “STUNNING! Both with and without makeup,” and, “Skin looks great!”.

By staying at home! Make sure to keep scrolling to learn about what other celebrities have been doing whilst in quarantine…