‘Duck Dynasty’ Star Kay Robertson Suffers Horrific Dog Bite Injuries

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Duck Dynasty star Miss Kay Robertson was rushed to hospital on Tuesday evening after her dog, Bobo, bit off a chunk of her lip.

Her husband Phil Robertson, spoke about the shocking incident on their most recent Unashamed podcast.

“She takes the rag off her face. And I’m looking at her top lip, which was split in two, about a quarter of an inch. That’s a big cut. Her bottom lip, over on the right side, there was just a chunk gone. Bleeding profusely is an understatement.”

She ended up needing several stitches on her mouth and is even struggling to eat because of her injuries. As per TMZ, she will only be able to drink out of a straw for the next few weeks. She is also on antibiotics and is using cream to heal the area.

Even after her injuries heal, Miss Kay will still need to undergo plastic surgery to repair her mouth aesthetically.

And despite everything she’s been through, Miss Kay says that Bobo wasn’t to blame. “She said, ‘You make sure you tell them boys don’t put him to sleep. Don’t hurt that dog because it wasn’t his fault.’ I said, ‘Well, it was his fault, alright’.”

Many people commented that she shouldn’t have gotten so close to the animal’s face while he was sleeping.

One wrote, “It’s easy to forget that the pets we love like family are animals with natural instincts. Ms. Kay is right, it’s not the dog’s fault.”

Another commented: “I’m so glad Miss Kay will be healing…you’re a good husband, Phil…God bless you both.”

A third wrote: “I freaked out a bit when I saw the title of this video. I am so glad Miss Kay is ok.”

Phil also gave her some words of wisdom. “Miss Kay, let a sleeping dog lie. You need to remember that.”

Miss Kay later joined the Duck Call Room podcast to speak about her recent ordeal.

“I thought I was watching a horror film, but then I realized it was me,” she said, “I’m sure God has a plan with this. I’m gonna help somebody just ’cause I went through this. That’s what I’m hoping for. [Doctor] said in a week I won’t be sore, but right now I’m in pain. You know what? I learned that you can live in pain. Maybe that’s part of my learning lesson. I can comfort other people that had something like this happen.”

Get well soon, Miss Kay!