Keira Knightley Says Every Woman She Knows Has Been Harassed

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Keira Knightley has opened about her experiences of sexual harassment admitting that she doesn’t “know anyone who hasn’t been” harassed.

The British actress best known for her roles in Pride & Prejudice and The Imitation Game claimed that “everybody” has been harassed in some form.

Stop Street Harassment reports that a survey conducted by NORC in 2019 found that 81% of women reported experiencing some form of sexual harassment and/or assault in their lifetime.

The mom-of-2 opened up about the topic of harassment in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine, which is set to be released on Wednesday.

When asked if she had experienced harassment, Knightley responded: “Yes! I mean, everybody has.”

“Literally, I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been in some way, whether it’s being flashed at, or groped, or some guy saying they’re going to slit your throat, or punching you in the face, or whatever it is, everybody has,” she said.

“It was when women started listing all the precautions they take when they walk home to make sure they’re safe, and I thought, ‘I do every single one of them, and I don’t even think about it.'”

Knightley also described the situation as “f***ing depressing.”

It comes after the actress revealed, earlier in the year, her discomfort with shooting intimate scenes.
“If I was making a story that was about that journey of motherhood and body acceptance, I feel like, I’m sorry, but that would have to be with a female filmmaker,” Knightley said at the time, as per the Guardian. “I don’t have an absolute ban, but I kind of do with men.
“I don’t want it to be those horrible sex scenes where you’re all greased up and everybody is grunting. I’m not interested in doing that.”

In her interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Knightley also spoke of how she kept her family’s spirits up during lockdown while admitting that it was “important to be really happy for the kids.”

“We have a trampoline in our garden, and we decided we were only allowed to wear dresses on it. I put on red lipstick every day, and every bit of Chanel that I have in my cupboard, and my daughter Edie had Chanel ribbons plaited into her hair and fairy wings,” she said.
“I thought, ‘What is the point of these lovely things sitting in the wardrobe when it feels quite apocalyptic and scary outside?’ It felt so important to be really happy for the kids.”
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