Kelly Osbourne Celebrates 37th Birthday and Marks 5 Months of Sobriety

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It’s has been a week full of celebrations for Kelly Osbourne…

The TV personality had 2 milestones to celebrate this week…

As she marked her thirty-seventh birthday and 5 months of sobriety.

The star shared the news with her followers on Instagram.

Kelly shared a picture of herself posing with her birthday cake and another showing her Twelve Steps app tracker.

Alongside the pictures she wrote:

“Today marks my 37th birthday and I’m 5 months sober!!! I am filled with so much gratitude it’s almost overwhelming!”

Kelly reaching 5 months of sobriety comes after she relapsed earlier this year.

As per People, Kelly revealed she had relapsed during an interview on the Facebook Watch series, Red Table Talk.

During the interview, she said: “I was alone, sitting by a pool, and waiting for somebody to come have a meeting with me and I saw this woman and her husband had a glass of champagne and it looked really nice. I was like ‘Oh I can do that too.’ And then the next day, I had two glasses. And then the day after that it was bottles.” 

Kelly relapsed after reaching almost 4 years sober.

But we’re glad to hear that she’s doing a lot better now.

Congratulations and a happy birthday, Kelly!